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5 Best Conveyancers in New York 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Conveyancers in New York. To help you find the best Conveyancers located near you in New York, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

New York’s Best Conveyancers:

The top rated Conveyancers in New York are:

  • Law Office of Phil Napolitano – focused on residential and commercial real estate
  • Law Firm of Adam Kalish – smart, economical real estate and business counsel
  • Jerry M. Feeney – New York’s Premier real estate attorney
  • Greenberg & Wilner – represents clients in all types of real estate transactions
  • Gary J. Wachtel, Esq. – has 35 years of experience as leader in financial and business industry

Law Office of Phil Napolitano

phil napolitano conveyancer in new york

Oftentimes, buying and selling transactions of real property is a touch and confusing process, especially if it is you first time to handle such transactions. In such circumstances, it a great idea to seek assistance from the Law Office of Phil Napolitano, a knowledgeable real estate attorney or conveyancer. This is for a smooth process of your transaction.

Attorney Phil will guide you all through the real estate transaction using his 20 years legal experience in the field. He will accompany you from purchase or sale agreement to contract signing to title search up to closing of the deal. You will be guided from beginning until the end of the process and know what to expect about the procedure and finances concerned.


Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate


Address: 788 Morris Park Ave, The Bronx, NY 10462
Phone: (718) 409 0200
Website: philnaplaw.com


“Phil is awesome!! Honestly we all know the hassle of closing on any real estate deal and the financials that go into it, however on the day of closing his fee was the only thing I was more then happy to pay, I will never use another real estate lawyer except for him when it comes to the New York Tri- State area! His experience and knowledge is worth more then his fee! Thank you again Phil we will be seeing you in the future!” – Eileen Rodriguez

Law Firm of Adam Kalish

adan kalish conveyancer in new york

Law Firm of Adam Kalish stands for their clients in their purchase agreements, transactions, contracts, closing as well as other legal aspects of real property. They can meet your real estate requirements with their broad expertise.

It is essential to hire a specialist attorney beside you when dealing with real estate transactions. Adam Kalish and his team can help you with all the necessary steps from drafting to reviewing up to making necessary changes on contracts. Once the client has fully executed a contract, the attorneys will work for the clearing of issues of the property. Once cleared and bank give a notice to close, they will set up the closing date. Transfer documents will then be prepared, and you will be guided through signing any loan.


Real Estate, Commercial Litigation, Business Litigation


Address: 182A 26th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232
Phone: (718) 857 3664
Website: kalishlawnyc.com


“Adam is very knowledgeable, resourceful, and easy to speak with. He helped to protect our interests in a complicated transaction and was willing to meet several times to go over details of each part of the process. I would be extremely happy to work with him again.” – John Redmann

Jerry M. Feeney

jerry feeney conveyancer in new york

Jerry M. Feeney will help you lessen the stress which is involved in any transaction in real estate. Their team is ready to handle all aspects of the transaction while keep you updated of the status. In addition, their attentiveness to detail, wide experience and exceptional credentials enable them to best represent the clients who are into purchase or sale of real property.

All steps of the transaction are reviewed and discussed to the client. It is vital to this real estate attorney that the process is stress-free, transparent and seamless. In fact, Jerry’s team has already completed more than 6,000 of real estate transactions.


Buying and Selling Real Estate


Address: 33 E 33rd St 9th floor, New York, NY 10016
Phone: (212) 842 0237
Website: jerryfeeney.com


“The professional legal services Jerry provided for my house closing is absolutely great. His experiences and network in the field are definitely invaluable. Strongly recommend Jerry to anyone who is seeking legal advice and help for residential property closing.” – Tom Zhu

Greenberg & Wilner

greenberg conveyancer in new york

With buying or selling a real estate property is not just a stressful task but also an essential and most costly purchase in your entire life, Greenberg & Wilner is there to help. G & W has deep knowledge and experience handling a vast number of closing, resolving litigation cases, and providing assistance to clients with mortgage financing. With this, they can help clients with real estate process. First, they discuss how cooperative and condominium purchase differ. Second, they make sure that the title is clean and has no issues. Lastly, G & W accompany the client all throughout the real estate transaction from the start up to the final preparation and evaluation of closing statement.


Real Estate Law Firm


Address: 60 E 42nd St #4000, New York, NY 10165
Phone: (212) 953 2300
Website: greenbergandwilner.com


“I’ve had the honor of knowing and working with Julian for about twenty years. He has helped me with several mortgages, refis and closings. There are numerous lawyers out there but none I trust more for legal advice and when it comes to looking out for the interests of my family. If you are looking for someone honest and will work hard for you, there’s no one better or more dedicated.” – Raji Mathew

Gary J. Watchtel, Esq.

gary watchtel conveyancer in new york

Gary J. Watchtel, Esq. has been successful in closing all signed real estate buying and selling contracts. This conveyancer or real estate counsel offers legal and general advice in real property transactions including undeveloped land, apartment building, houses and others. He also represents clients in real estate litigation.

Attorney Watchtel gives sharp attention to each legal aspect and his broad knowledge of real estate law allows him the anticipation of any hurdles, and thereby get away from any conflict. Among the services that he offer include draft and review of contracts, mortgage or financing, evaluation of title and real estate closing to name a few.


Residential Real Estate Transaction, Commercial Real Estate Transaction


Address: 450 7th Ave, New York, NY 10123
Phone: (212) 371 6500
Website: garywachtel.com


“I had hoped to never have to sue anyone in my life — but since I did, I am so glad that I was represented by Gary! I highly recommend him!” – Victoria Meng