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5 Best Conveyancers in Cincinnati, OH

Below is a list of the top and leading Conveyancers in Cincinnati. To help you find the best Conveyancers located near you in Cincinnati, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Cincinnati’s Best Conveyancers: 

The top-rated Conveyancers in Cincinnati, OH are:

  • Robbins, Kelly, Patterson & Tucker – providing excellent legal representation to both individual and business clients
  • Finney Law Firm, LLC – hard-working attorneys and a talented, committed team
  • McCarthy Law Office – assisting customers with challenging legal matters
  • Lane Felix & Raisbeck Co LPA – represented people and businesses in a variety of legal situations for a total of 100 years
  • Linn Legal – Cincinnati Estate Planning & Business Lawyer – focuses on providing shrewd and cunning legal services

Robbins, Kelly, Patterson & TuckerConveyancers in Cincinnati

Robbins, Kelly, Patterson & Tucker have devoted themselves for more than 50 years to providing excellent legal representation to both individual and business clients. The company was established in 1965 by brothers Braden and Albert Mechley, Jr. in a small office at 540 Liberty Street in Downtown Cincinnati. The business changed its name to Robbins, Kelly, Patterson & Tucker in 1991, and it has since grown to employ more than 50 people, including more than 20 attorneys.

From its main office in Downtown Cincinnati and a smaller site in Blue Ash, Ohio, RKPT provides services to clients in the Midwest and Florida. Since its inception, RKPT has developed client relationships based on certainty and trust. The business puts a lot of effort into learning about each client’s specific needs in order to deliver practical and creative ideas and solutions.

Products/ Services:

Real Estate, Litigation, Personal Planning, Business & Corporate Law


Address: 312 Elm St Suite 2200, Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: (513) 721-3330
Website: www.rkpt.com


”Mike Yeazell and the rest of the firm are very responsive and professional. Could not ask for more from a law firm. They truly are a trusted partner.” – Jim M.

Finney Law Firm, LLCTop Conveyancers in Cincinnati

Finney Law Firm, LLC, was established in 2014 under the direction of Christopher P. Finney and has seven brilliant, hard-working attorneys and a talented, committed team. Their staff is dedicated to practicing law in a distinctive way that benefits their clients by concentrating on identifying and then achieving the best result for them.

The practice of Finney Law Firm has considerable knowledge of the full spectrum of legal services that people and corporations may require. By leveraging highly effective technology and cutting-edge legal tactics, they persistently strive to add value for their clients. They are able to keep up with the evolving needs of their clients’ difficult personal and professional settings thanks to this strategy.

Products/ Services:

Commercial Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, Labor & Employment Law, & More


Address: 1077 Celestial St. #10, Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: (513) 854-8834
Website: www.finneylawfirm.com/mt-adams


”Steve Imm is a fantastic attorney who takes time to understand your case and how to best assist you. They’re kind, courteous, and efficient. Definitely reach out to Finney Law Firm if you need assistance with unemployment issues.” – Nicolette T.

McCarthy Law OfficeConveyancers Cincinnati

McCarthy Law Office has been a licensed attorney since 2002. In order to better serve the residents of his hometown, Dan founded his own business in 2015. Dan is happily married, the father of three school-age kids, and he enjoys contributing to the Cincinnati community. While Dan’s firm has changed over the years, his main goal of assisting customers with challenging legal matters has remained constant.

The most crucial aspect of every client connection is paying attention to each person’s wants and experiences. Dan is able to establish the most practical course of action to take in order to attain the best outcome from those discussions. Dan’s integrity and dedication to his principles as a family man and small company owner are crucial to creating a law firm his family can trust.

Products/ Services:

Real Estate & Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Estate Planning


Address: 225 W Court St UNIT 300, Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: (513) 815-7006
Website: www.danmccarthylaw.com


”Dan was fantastic to work with. He was incredibly helpful in updating our estate plans. He was very responsive and personable. Would definitely recommend him.” – Shanna B.

Lane Felix & Raisbeck Co LPAGood Conveyancers in Cincinnati

Lane Felix & Raisbeck Co LPA is a law company with offices in Cincinnati, Delhi Township, Ohio, that was established in 1982. In the Greater Cincinnati Area, their attorneys have represented people and businesses in a variety of legal situations for a total of 100 years. They offer excellent legal assistance in many different contexts, including family law, probate, commercial disputes, auto accidents, and personal injury claims.

You may relax knowing these intricate processes are being handled properly with Lane, Felix & Raisbeck Co., L.P.A. fighting for you. In real estate matters, they can confidently represent both homeowners and builders as a result of our attorneys’ 100 years of combined experience.

Products/ Services:

Real Estate Law, Marital & Family Law, Criminal Law, & More


Address: 4931 Delhi Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45238
Phone: (513) 922-7700
Website: www.lfrlaw.com


”That Missy Dressler and Tom Raisbeck are absolutely amazing. They are so thorough and helpful. They always make the time to answer my “not so knowledgeable” questions. Awesome firm hands down.” – Kathy K.

Linn Legal – Cincinnati Estate Planning & Business LawyerOne of the best Conveyancers in Cincinnati

Linn Legal – Cincinnati Estate Planning & Business Lawyer is a law practice that focuses on providing shrewd and cunning legal services, on time and on budget, to assist business owners and families develop and succeed. Transactional work, or instances where two parties desire to make a deal, is the firm’s primary focus. The firm excels at its transactional work and strives to keep you out of a courtroom, thus it does not litigate or file lawsuits.

Douglas Linn, a seasoned lawyer with business administration and arithmetic skills, is the firm’s leader. You can rely on Linn Legal’s legal expertise in business, tax, real estate, and other areas when you hire them to represent you. They may assist agents in conducting zoning, lease, valuation, and other legal-related property research on behalf of their customers.

Products/ Services:

Business Law, Real Estate & Property, & More


Address: 5935 Ridge Ave #400, Cincinnati, OH 45213
Phone: (513) 426-9443
Website: www.linnlegal.com


”I spoke with Douglas at Linn & Grendell briefly about a Reinstatement letter I received from a different law firm at my home. He was very professional and understanding with questions I had regarding my situation. Thank you, Douglas.” – Jeff B.