5 Best Contract Attorneys in Mesa, AZ

5 Best Contract Attorneys in Mesa, AZ

Below is a list of the top and leading Contract Attorneys in Mesa, AZ. To help you find the best Contract Attorneys located near you in Mesa, AZ, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Mesa, AZ’s Best Contract Attorneys:

The top-rated Contract Attorneys in Mesa, AZ are:

  • Gunderson, Denton & Peterson – skilled professionals, personal services, exceptional results.
  • Tondevold Law – millions recovered on behalf of our clients.
  • Harrison Law – helping you thrive in all conditions.
  • Copper Canyon Law – a client-focused law firm that takes a modern approach to the practice of law.
  • Jackson White Law – Mesa lawyers and attorneys that will fight for your rights.

Gunderson, Denton & Peterson

5 Best Contract Attorneys in Mesa, AZ

Gunderson, Denton & Peterson is a top law firm in Mesa that offers professional legal assistance to clients. This law firm has specializations in many practice areas like business law, employment law, franchising law, immigration, litigation, real estate law, and more. Gunderson, Denton & Peterson has a team of talented and professional attorneys that will fight tooth and nail for your rights both on and off the courtroom. These attorneys will do everything in their capacity to get the outcome that you need and deserve. So, if you are looking for a competent contract attorney on retainer, Gunderson, Denton & Peterson has the finest lawyers in Mesa.

Business and corporate law, elder law, employment law, franchising law, immigration

Address: 1930 N Arboleda #201 Mesa, AZ 85213
Phone: (480) 655-7440
Website: gundersondenton.com

Mr. Denton was an extremely knowledgeable attorney. I really appreciated his understanding of the issues I was addressing; he really was able to speak to many different facets of the law and help me get a game plan together for addressing the business issues I had sought help with. – Janet Garcia Trujillo

Tondevold Law

The Best Contract Attorneys in Mesa, AZ

Tondevold Law has some of the most skilled and experienced attorneys in Arizona that specialize in business and construction law. This business and construction law firm has helped clients recover millions of dollars through their dedication and hard work. Tondevold law also offers a free half-hour consultation so they can have a better idea of your case and how to proceed. Their team of experienced and professional attorneys is among the best and brightest in Mesa and will make sure you get the right outcome that you want and deserve. Need a competent and reliable contract attorney in Mesa? Tondevold Law is among the best in the city.

Construction law, business law, litigation

Address: 1635 N. Greenfield Road Suite 138 Mesa, AZ 85205
Phone: (480) 447-0354
Website: tondevoldlaw.com

I had a great experience contacting this law firm! Anjalee was very kind and considerate of my questions. I will definitely pass my recommendation along to my friends and family. – Son Lee

Harrison Law

Best Contract Attorneys in Mesa, AZ

Harrison Law is a law firm of experienced attorneys and lawyers that will get the results you want and deserve. This law firm specializes in a number of practices like business law, environmental and natural resource law, commercial law, and mediation services. Harrison Law offers comprehensive legal solutions on these practice areas from their team of talented and experienced attorneys and legal experts. These attorneys and legal experts have the years and knowledge needed to effectively help you with your case no matter how hard or complex it is. So, if you are looking for an attorney on retainer who will fight for your rights both on and off the courtroom, Harrison Law is a great choice for your needs.

Mediation services, construction law, business law, trust/estate/business planning law

Address: 4365 East Pecos Road Suite 139 Gilbert, AZ 85295
Phone: (480) 320-2310
Website: harrisonlawaz.com

We recently moved from California and needed to update our trust. Harrison Law was recommended to us and they did a great job. Professional, courteous, and great follow thru. – Curt Ramsey

Copper Canyon Law

Mesa, AZ Best Contract Attorneys

Copper Canyon Law is a law firm that is fully focused on giving its clients the best possible legal services in Mesa. This law firm is known to effectively help any client when it comes to matters that involve litigation, estate planning, bankruptcy, real estate, employment law, and more. Copper Canyon Law is among the best in Arizona when it comes to matters of these practice areas, and has the legal team to back it up. Their team of attorneys and legal experts are some of the most talented and experienced in and around Mesa. So, if you need a trustworthy and reliable contract attorney, Copper Canyon’s team might just be the right fit for you.

Estate planning, trust, and estate litigation, construction litigation, bankruptcy, business transactions, employment law

Address: 43 E 1st Ave, Mesa, AZ 85210
Phone: (480) 833-3838
Website: coppercanyonlaw.com

We had a great experience working with Brian in regards to the estate planning work we wanted to accomplish. We appreciated him taking the time to answer our questions and clearly explain his advice. – Ryne MacPherson

Jackson White Law

Mesa, AZ's Best Contract Attorneys

Jackson White Law is a full-service law firm that offers a variety of professional legal services in Mesa. This law firm assists families, businesses, and individuals with overcoming their legal woes. Jackson White Law specializes in practice areas like criminal defense, family law, personal injury cases, employment law, and more. Their team of talented and professional attorneys is among some of Mesa’s best and brightest. These attorneys and legal experts have the knowledge and experience needed to properly help any client overcome their legal problems. Need a competent contract attorney in Mesa? Jackson White Attorneys at Law is a great choice for your legal needs in Mesa.

Criminal defense, personal injury, employment law, family law, estate planning, immigration law

Address: 40 N. Center St, Suite 200 Mesa, AZ 85201
Phone: (480) 464-1111
Website: jacksonwhitelaw.com

John and his team handled my bankruptcy case very professionally and timely. They answered all of my questions and handled everything for me. Whenever I called or sent an email, they got back to me promptly. I would definitely recommend this law firm! – Brooke White