5 Best Contract Attorneys in Cleveland, OH

Best Contract Attorneys in Cleveland

Below is a list of the top and leading Contract Attorneys in Cleveland. To help you find the best Contract Attorneys located near you in Cleveland, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Cleveland’s Best Contract Attorneys:

The top rated Contract Attorneys in Cleveland, OH are:

  • Carson Law Firm LLC – serving the real estate industry’s legal and business needs
  • Dworken & Bernstein – represents businesses and individuals for over 60 years
  • Mulhall Zion LLC – provides clients with highly focused legal representation
  • Cohen Rosenthal & Kramer LLP – focuses exclusively on civil litigation and arbitration
  • Gonzalo Law – provides services such as business law and legal consultants

Carson Law Firm LLContract Attorneys in Cleveland

Carson Law Firm LLC represents clients all around the state. They stand out from the majority of legal firms, and they’re sure you’ll notice the difference when you work with them. To give you better service, they employ the latest technology. To help you plan confidently, they provide flat rates whenever they can. Most importantly, they think that when you come to them, they’ll leave you in a better situation.

By providing you with a unique perspective that traditional legal services can’t since they haven’t gone through what you’re going through, they want to better serve you, and they do. Christian Carson is an attorney at the Carson Law Firm. He has concentrated on offering legal services to individuals and small business owners in a variety of areas of competence.


Vendor Agreements, Employment Contracts, Client Service Agreements, Non-Compete Agreements, Nondisclosure Agreements, Purchase and Sale Agreements, and More


Address: 2618 N Moreland Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44120
Phone: (888) 403-1259
Website: www.lawcarson.com


“Christian took the time to understand our complex case and truly helped us achieve our goals. He was responsive, kind, and knowledgeable and took the time to explain the law to a degree that even I understood it all! His work was fast, flawless, and honest and he is an understanding and kind person, which is important to me especially while dealing with a difficult situation. I would absolutely recommend him if you ever need a lawyer. Thank you for this wonderful experience, Christian.” – Luca H.

Dworken & BernsteinTop Contract Attorneys in Cleveland

Dworken & Bernstein has served thousands of loyal clients for well over 60 years, earning the title of “my lawyer” in that time. A single attorney nowadays cannot appropriately defend clients in every situation. Dworken & Bernstein is able to provide clients with thorough counsel because of its team of more than 30 attorneys, each of whom focuses on a different and varied area of the law. Estate planning issues could be brought up in a commercial real estate case.

It’s possible for a corporate issue to affect a family issue. Workplace problems could arise from a personal injury case. Almost every legal problem that affects people, families, or enterprises can be handled by Dworken & Bernstein as a legal team because they have the knowledge to do so. As you go over the many practice areas, bear in mind that, in addition to working with any one of the team members, you will have access to the knowledge and reputation of the entire law firm.

Dworken & Bernstein can represent a party in any claims relating to the contract in court as well as advise it of its rights and the remedy to which it is entitled. These highly qualified lawyers will evaluate the papers and fully outline the options for the parties, including the advantages and disadvantages of bringing a lawsuit or being sued.


Banking Disputes, Construction Defects, Contract Disputes, Employment Disputes, Environmental Litigation, Injunctive Relief, Insurance Claim Disputes, Mechanic’s Liens, Oil & Gas Mineral Rights Disputes, Partnership & Shareholder Disputes, Purchase/Sale, Agreement Disputes, Real Estate Disputes, Warranty Claims


Address: 1468 W 9th St #135, Cleveland, OH 44113
Phone: (216) 230-3051
Website: www.dworkenlaw.com


“Irv Rosner and the whole team took such good care of me! I would have been lost without them! I had a complicated claim and they made it easy. Irv checked in regularly and asked about my life and remembered everything I told him. I felt completely taken care of and I highly recommend them for ANYTHING you might need. I will never go anywhere else.” – Jackie S.

Mulhall Zion LLCContract Attorneys Cleveland

Mulhall Zion LLC is a law firm with offices in Ohio and Maryland that offers businesses and individuals highly specialized legal representation and a cooperative client-attorney relationship. The basis of the practice philosophy is the client’s interests and the swift resolution of any litigation or transactional issues. Clients secure the highest quality legal representation at a cost that only a boutique practice can offer thanks to the depth of experience and training at the nation’s top-tier and most competitive law schools, private law firms, Fortune 10 companies, and federal law enforcement agencies.


Commercial Contract Drafting and Negotiation, Business and Contract Disputes and
Litigation, Formation and Governance, Fiduciary Claims, Outside General Counsel
Arbitration, Succession Planning


Address: 5735 State Rd #100, Cleveland, OH 44134
Phone: (216) 586-4278
Website: www.mz-llc.com


“I reached out to Brian to understand if I even needed to hire an attorney for a real estate transaction. We met for a quick call right away and he made me feel at ease. He gave some examples of trouble spots to look out for but I ended the call feeling confident to move forward. He established trust with me in a short amount of time, and I know I’ll return to Brian for his advice the next time.” – Emily M.

Cohen Rosenthal & Kramer LLPGood Contract Attorneys in Cleveland

Cohen Rosenthal & Kramer LLP is a specialized boutique legal firm that only handles civil litigation and arbitration. Cohen Rosenthal & Kramer LLP represents both parties in court cases, arbitration hearings, appeals, and discussions. From employees to investors to business owners to individuals injured by legal malpractice, they represent individuals who have been wronged by corporations and institutions. The firm also frequently represents people and businesses accused of breaking statutory, common law, or contractual responsibilities. The majority of CRK’s practice is made up of complex lawsuits and class actions.

Four seasoned litigators from different backgrounds, with different experiences and viewpoints, make up Cohen Rosenthal & Kramer. The goal of the company is to find the finest solution possible for each client’s problem. This entails vigorously pursuing legal claims on behalf of clients to maximize their recovery for people who have been damaged or denied their rights. It entails deft maneuvering to get the client out of the sticky situation as soon as possible for those wrongfully accused of misconduct. Others will need to come up with a creative alternative that completely avoids going to court.


Accounting Malpractice, Arbitration, Contract Law, Consumer Rights, Corporate and Partnership Disputes, Defamation/Reputational Injury, Employment Law, Family Business Disputes, Fiduciary Duty, Fraud, Insurance Coverage, Legal Malpractice


Address: 3208 Clinton Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113
Phone: (216) 815-9500
Website: www.crklaw.com


“For nearly ten years now, I have co-counseled two class actions with the partners at CRK, primarily with Josh Cohen & Ellen Kramer. They and the entire firm are able to hold their own against any firm. Their diligence, attention to detail, legal knowledge, writing ability, and most importantly, ability to strategize and represent clients with zeal and passion, is in my opinion, unsurpassed. They are the best co-counsel I have ever had in 35 years of practice.” – Kevin R.

Gonzalo LawOne of the best Contract Attorneys in Cleveland

Gonzalo Law is one of the most renowned law firms in Cleveland. They regularly represent public and private firms that create new entities, buy or sell businesses, or wind down and dissolve. They also carefully draft and negotiate contracts for business owners, suppliers, and employees. They have offered corporate legal advice to innumerable businesses to resolve conflicts and avoid them.

Gonzalo Law simplifies the complex by simplifying key terms, protecting business owners, and streamlining the legal process. Gonzalo Law frequently assists companies in addressing problems, maintaining protection, and achieving goals. For your company, these lawyers serve as outsourced or part-time chief legal officers and offer advice on a variety of corporate matters, including breach of contract.


U.S. Corporate Law, Healthcare Law, International Corporate Law, Intellectual Property, Outsourced General Counsel, Nonprofit Law, Copyright Law


Address: 600 Superior Ave E #1300, Cleveland, OH 44114
Phone: (216) 527-7777
Website: www.gonzalolaw.com


“I was able to use the services of Gonzalo Law on 2 occasions. I am a small business owner in Michigan and I needed a good law firm to help out with a partnership contract in Ohio. The firm was very professional and responded to all questions quickly. The turnaround time both times was very impressive and Nouvelle Gonzalo was very personable. I would utilize their services again if needed. Excellent.” – Dione J.