5 Best Computer Repair in Riverside, CA

Best Computer Repair in Riverside

Below is a list of the top and leading Computer Repair in Riverside. To help you find the best Computer Repair located near you in Riverside, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Riverside’s Best Computer Repair:

The top rated Computer Repair in Riverside, CA are:

  • Active IT Solutions – is a family-owned, full-service provider of IT solutions
  • Riverside Computer Center – is a highly skilled one-stop IT solution
  • Human-Computer – is a full-service supplier of computer sales and services
  • Biztek Solutions, Inc – is assisting companies using cloud technology
  • CSS Computer Service – ensure customer satisfaction and cater to the unique requirements of each task

Active IT SolutionsComputer Repair in Riverside

Active IT Solutions is a family-owned, full-service provider of IT solutions that was founded in 2003. As a small business, they are aware of your needs and are devoted to providing you with the most dependable and skilled IT support in the area.

Your IT headaches can be eliminated, and your IT nightmares can be permanently resolved, thanks to their highly regarded team of talented IT specialists. Create, customize, and maintain IT environments that aid small enterprises in expansion and scalability. Their basic values of excellence, integrity, and forward-thinking help them achieve this.


On-Site Computer Repair, Help Desk, Managed IT Services, All-Inclusive IT Services


Address: 1485 Spruce St # Q, Riverside, CA 92507
Phone: 951-742-8020
Website: www.activeitsolutions.com


“Convenient location for our location experience. Showed up punctual, showed professionalism, customer service/care as well communicating with clients was excellent. Will recommend Active IT Solutions to whoever needs this type of service. Thank you, Chris.” – Brian W.

Riverside Computer CenterTop Computer Repair in Riverside

Riverside Computer Center offers computer services in Riverside, California. Their clients in Riverside, California come to them with a variety of hardware and software problems every day, which they handle. They are aware of how reliant most people are on computers. Because of this, it is even more aggravating when anything goes wrong, you get infected, and windows take a long time to open, or worse, never open at all.

They are up to the task, whether your problem is a serious crash or just a short tune-up to keep everything working smoothly. Customers in Riverside, California value their attention to detail. Their computer services are available for both your business and home, and they can fix your printer and laptop. They create infrastructures and offer networking services, as well as monitoring, as your highly skilled one-stop IT solution.


Antivirus, Business Computer Services, Computer Remote Help, Computer Security


Address: 1159 Iowa Ave Suite M, Riverside, CA 92507
Phone: 951-999-3099
Website: www.computersriverside.com


“We have used them over the past 15+ years whenever we have a hardware problem we can’t fix. They are reliable and they can always do the job. Not sure what everyone is grousing about. I don’t want the cheapest guy, I want the guy I can count on to fix my problem and get me out of a jam.” – Ann R.

Human-ComputerComputer Repair Riverside

Human-Computer is a full-service supplier of computer sales and services. All of your computer needs, from routine maintenance to virus eradication, data recovery, and more, can be met by their courteous and educated staff. A complete array of computer hardware, parts, systems, accessories, and much more are available from Human Computer. They either have the product or accessory you’re searching for in stock, or their helpful staff can order it for you and let you know when it arrives.


Virus & Malware Removal, Data Recovery, Data Imaging, Data Backup, Software installation


Address: 3678 Van Buren Boulevard, Riverside, CA 92503
Phone: 951-343-2800
Website: www.humancomputer.com


“Excellent service and very knowledgeable. I was upgrading my PC to a new i9 processor, new motherboard, and new power supply. It helps to bring your own parts. Human-Computer troubleshot my power supply, then installed all power connections, making them nice and clean. It was done within a few hours, not weeks, which gave my PC back to me before I would die of gaming withdrawal.” – Michael W.

Biztek Solutions, IncGood Computer Repair in Riverside

Biztek Solutions, Inc specializes in assisting companies with between 10 and 500 people using cloud technology to allow a remote or hybrid workforce to function effectively while keeping you secure, lowering cyber risk, and assisting with compliance. When technology is used well, it should boost productivity and efficiency in your company, freeing you up to concentrate on expanding it.

Unfortunately, improper setup, management, or security of technology can end up costing your company time and money. You have to deal with IT problems, and different IT providers, and find goods and services merely to receive the aid and support you need, which takes time away from managing your business. Let them help you cope with IT problems that are impeding your ability to expand your business while saving you time and money.


Managed IT Services, IT Help Desk Support, Data Backup & Business Continuity


Address: 3576 Arlington Ave #200, Riverside, CA 92506
Phone: 951-405-6900
Website: www.biztek-solutions.com


“Biztek has a great group of people who are willing to help. All the techs are friendly and helpful.” – Jess B.

CSS Computer ServiceOne of the best Computer Repair in Riverside

CSS Computer Service distinguishes itself as a top computer repair service in the Inland Empire by placing a high importance on professionalism and dedication to its clients. They ensure customer satisfaction and cater to the unique requirements of each task.

Their company has expanded in both size and experience since they first opened their doors back in 1991. They make every attempt to complete your repair as promptly as they can since they appreciate how valuable your time is. Only Apple machines are repaired by Css Computer Service, an Apple Authorized Service Provider.


Custom Repair, Hardware Repair, Laptop Repair


Address: 2220 Eastridge Ave h, Riverside, CA 92507
Phone: 951-656-4226
Website: www.csscomputerserviceandsales.com


“Gary knows way more about Apple products than Apple does. I was locked out of my iPad and Gary told me what to do. It worked! I had been on the phone with Apple many times with no results.” – Leslie L.