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5 Best Coaches of All Time

Motivational speaking is an incredibly rewarding and enriching endeavour. It is common for people to go through stressful periods in their lives. Sometimes, devising a solution to help alleviate this stress can be incredibly difficult, particularly without professional help.

If you want to push yourself and achieve more than you could ever dream, a life coach could be just what you need. Life coaches help you create techniques and strategies that will improve your life and help you realise your potential.

It doesn’t matter how ambitious your goals might be – a life coach will be with you every step of the way.

Top Life Coaches:

Below is a list of the best coaches of all time:

  1. Michael Legge – life coach, actor
  2. Tony Robbins – life and business strategist
  3. Tracey Ward – communications specialist
  4. Blush – counseling coaches
  5. Inner Strength Coaching – mind & body health coaching


Michael Legge - Boethius Life
Michael Legge – Boethius Life

Boethius Life
Website: www.boethiuslife.com

Run by Northern Irish actor, Michael Legge, Boethius is a professional coaching and training company that brings the best out of you. Legge is a very successful stage, film and television actor, having appeared in a wide variety of feature films, including Angela’s Ashes (1999) and Cowboys and Angels (2003). Between 2007 and 2009, Legge was a regular on the highly successful British black comedy series, Shameless, while appearing in many London-based theatre projects.

The term “Boethius” pays direct homage to the famous Italian philosopher of the same name. His most famous work, ‘The Consolation of Philosophy’, details the importance of finding happiness and mastery through the inner workings of the mind. Back to life coaching, Boethius focuses on giving clients techniques and strategies to overcome their anxiety and stress. Legge assists clients with high performance coaching techniques. He specialises in acting techniques and neurolinguistic programming strategies, which help improve performance and build a positive mindset.

In addition, Boethius provide reliable neurolinguistic tips to help companies achieve their business goals. It doesn’t matter how large or small the business is – Boethius’ coaching model will derive remarkable business results. Boethius’ coaching model is also very flexible – so clients can be coached in groups or one on one. At the end of the day, it’s whatever suits your business.

Presentation training is also a vital service that Boethius offer. When it comes to public speaking, nerves and anxiety are natural. However, it can become a pain when this anxiety begins to undermine your ability to speak clearly, confidently and effectively. As a result, Boethius endeavours to support you with your work presentations, speeches and interview styles. With Michael Legge’s help, you could be delivering amazing speeches, presentations and workplace pitches with the utmost level of confidence. Build your oratory prowess with Boethius!

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins
Website: www.tonyrobbins.com

Regarded as one of the most famous and best life coaches, Tony Robbins has built a formidable reputation in helping people realise their potential and passion. Robbins is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and best-selling author, with over 4 decades of experience in the world of motivational speaking. During this time, over 50 million people have enjoyed the humour and transformational power that Robbins brings to his highly regarded seminars.

Robbins has released 6 international best-sellers, along with audio and DVD seminar training programs, which have helped millions of people feel empowered and more knowledgeable. Robbins offers a wide variety of services across different life experiences and has built a phenomenal, world-wide brand. Clients can attend one of his live events, where users can assess and correct their personal or professional struggles, which might be undermining their livelihood and ability to live a fulfilling existence.

Robbin’s life coaching methods are proven, and your own life coach will ensure that you are receiving the tangible benefits needed to better your life every day. Robbins’ program has helped many celebrities as well, including Scottish actor, Gerard Butler.

Tracey Ward

Tracey Ward
Website: www.traceyward.co

Our last life coach on the list is Tracey Ward. With over 15 years of terrific experience in the field, Tracey has developed an unrivalled passion for helping women all over the world. Her goal is to transform the lives of at least a million people globally. Tracey has worked with business leaders, executives and corporate workers to help unleash the value in honing advanced communication skills.

These language skills can be used to motivate and encourage people in the workforce to achieve their very best. Indeed, Tracey has worked with a variety of established corporations throughout Australia, including Commonwealth Bank, Telstra, KPMG, Deustche Bank, Macquarie Bank, Optus and even some agencies within the Australian Government.

Over the past 15 years, Tracey Ward has coached thousands and thousands of women, inspiring them with vitality, good humour and common sense. Building this sense of confidence is especially important for women looking to empower themselves in the modern workforce.

It’s all about silencing the negativity and allowing your inner beauty to shine. It doesn’t matter where this takes place either – it could be at home, in the office, with your family or, more importantly, when you’re alone. Tracey Ward is a leading voice for women and business managers and will continue to provide motivational assistance for years to come.


coaches of all time

Blush is a highly regarded life coaching service. The agency consists of all-female coaches, all of whom are passionate and committed to making our world exciting and welcoming for independent women from all walks of life. Blush has worked with thousands of women, which ensures that they are highly competent in helping all women through various struggles in their lives. No matter what phase of your life you are in, you can face all your challenges with Blush by your side.

Blush was founded in the heart of Texas back in 2013. At that time, the focus was to help college and high school women embrace their new-found adulthood. When the service was launched, thousands of women came running, often with problems relating to work stress, breakups and friendship woes. With this in mind, the so-called “quarter-life crisis” became Blush’s life coaching focus. Within just 12 months, the service had become so successful that it was forced to relocate to Los Angeles.

While retaining its core demographic of women in their 20s, the service has expanded to cater for more middle-aged women, dealing with issues relating to family, parenting, leadership training and financial planning. Blush continues to provide an array of empowering services for women of all ages, helping them find passion and purpose in their lives.

Inner Strength Coaching

Based in Newcastle, Australia, Inner Strength Coaching was founded by master life coach, Raylee Mahony. Raylee has over 25 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, helping people from different cultures and backgrounds be empowered and positive in their lives. Indeed, Inner Strength Coaching provide reliable support to people in need of mind and body health coaching.

This greatly helps individuals who have an unhealthy relationship with food. Often, overeating or indulging in unhealthy eating habits is often associated with other psychological problems. Inner Strength Coaching help people find the right dietary balance, leading to an improved weight range and better quality of life.

Furthermore, the team at Inner Strength can help people pinpoint the cause of their overeating and minimise the likelihood of making poor, ongoing decisions in the future. Eating hypnosis has proven to help many clients learn to eat mindfully, while minimising over-eating and sugar cravings.

It can also help people redirect their cravings towards healthier foods when unwanted emotions come to fruition and to drink more water throughout the day. If you are someone who often redirects their negative mental energy into poor dieting, then you certainly should consider getting in touch with the team at Inner Strength Coaching.