5 Best Chocolate Shops in Portland, OR

Best Chocolate Shops in Portland

Below is a list of the top and leading Chocolate Shops in Portland. To help you find the best Chocolate Shops located near you in Portland, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Portland’s Best Chocolate Shops:

The top rated Chocolate Shops in Portland, OR are:

  • creo chocolate – is one of Portland’s very own first-rate chocolate producers
  • Woodblock Chocolate – is the successful result of times of rigorous artistic attempts
  • Missionary Chocolates – started and managed in 2008
  • A Yen for Chocolate – is made to make you comfortable and happy
  • Portland Chocolate Laboratory – began its journey in the year 2013

creo chocolateChocolate Shops in Portland

creo chocolate is one of Portland’s very own first-rate chocolate producers. They began their workshop out of a continuance enjoyment of discovering how things are created. For numerous ages they attempted roasting beans, using their chocolate in each recipe they could imagine, eating their way within chocolate shops in North America, and attending cacao farms in Ecuador.

When they found out that chocolate was developed in the tropics mostly by rural, small multiple-generational family farmers, their hearts were drawn to the natural pride of growing anything, by their common method of farming.


Chocolate Bars, Truffle Build-A-Box, Caramels, Chocolate Covered, Chocolate Drinks


Address: 122 NE Broadway, Portland, OR 97232
Phone: 503-477-8927
Website: www.creochocolate.com


“Excellent chocolates, beautiful store, the owner is super nice and let us try lots of chocolates. The chocolates are so good, and smooth, and flavorful. No wonder they are award winning. I will definitely buy again! Being your friends and family, this local gem is worth supporting.” – Lukasz Z.

Woodblock ChocolateTop Chocolate Shops in Portland

Woodblock Chocolate is the successful result of times of rigorous artistic attempts by wife and husband partners Jessica and Charley Wheelock. Since the year 2010 throughout Woodblock Chocolate, they have gone from gaining chocolate in their Portland kitchen to their first small workshop in SE, to their magnificent and comfy Manufactory or Café in the core of Portland’s historically fascinating Irvington-Broadway district.

They are thankful for the reassurance and acceptance: without Portland’s passion for creative appearance, food, design, and entrepreneurism they would not be where they are.


Chocolate Products, Café, Manufactory Tour


Address: 1715 NE 17th Ave, Portland, OR 97212
Phone: 971-754-4874
Website: www.woodblockchocolate.com


“The staff is pretty informative – they’ll inform the entire process of how the chocolate is made to you if you ask them. The list of products is very small, however, the chocolate is very good quality. I ordered a cold hot chocolate to go, and it didn’t disappoint.” – Karan B.

Missionary ChocolatesChocolate Shops Portland

Missionary Chocolates started and managed in 2008 when Melissa Berry, a Naturopathic Physician, was in her last period of medical school. What commenced out as gifts for her vegetarian mother quickly grew a company, as a few periods later her dairy-free truffles won the top place at the Northwest Chocolate Festival in Portland, OR.

This astonishing success transformed what was a home-based kitchen operation in chocolate into a growing company — the Mission of the corporation has always been to produce an inpatient, integrative healing center in Portland, supported by chocolate.


Truffles, Seasonal Truffles, CBD Truffles, Jacobsen Salt Truffles


Address: 2712 NE Glisan St, Portland, OR 97232
Phone: 503-206-8439
Website: www.missionarychocolates.com


“The chocolates at Missionary Chocolates were incredible. We love good chocolates and these were some of our most favorites of all time. You can tell the person who created these definitely knows how to blend the right ingredients to create the superior chocolates Missionary has. Shop was set up nicely and they have a few other types of products. Very helpful staff.” – Lisa M.

A Yen for ChocolateGood Chocolate Shops in Portland

A Yen for Chocolate is made to make you comfortable and happy. Stuffed with flavor, they give your eyes light up providing you small moments of delight with each bite. Handmade utilizing only fine chocolate and fundamental flavors, their filled chocolate selections are always prepared to order to ensure impertinence.

Cristina, the proprietor, personally hand makes each chocolate for your occasion or gift. She increases each flavor until she completes the perfect flavor balance and elasticity. They develop their flavors from fresh, whole components. The taste is solid, smooth, and bold.


Filled Chocolate Collections, Customization of Colors & Flavors


Address: 915 NW 19th Ave B, Portland, OR 97209
Phone: 971-678-3615
Website: www.ayenforchocolate.com


“Cristina’s chocolates are elegant, well made, and very nicely presented. It’s neither to sweet or intense. Would make a fantastic gift for any chocolate lover. Highly recommended.” – Yelena F.

Portland Chocolate LaboratoryOne of the best Chocolate Shops in Portland

Portland Chocolate Laboratory began its journey in the year 2013. They had an opinion about gaining a chocolate box that was also chocolate speculation. Four chocolate alchemists operated out the recipes over 5 ages until it was just complete. In 2018 Kian and Ayomide started Portland Chocolate Laboratory inside Milieu Collective. With the assistance of their many followers and the Sellwood community, it has become a flourishing and prosperous effort.

They invite you to investigate deep into this consecrated connection with Chocolate and grab a box. They get their cacao from the root and have followed and participated in the process of agitation and drying of the cacao beans. They are very thankful for the opportunity to give their customers the most distinguished quality cacao.


Shop, Gift Cards, Chakralot


Address: 7834 SE 13th Ave #G, Portland, OR 97202
Phone: 503-387-7009
Website: www.portlandchocolatelab.com


“So beautifully wrapped and well thought out. These are handmade locally. Unique blends, drinking chocolate, ice cream, sleep chocolates, dream journal, so much is on offer here.” – Tracy A.