5 Best Child Care Centres in San Jose🥇

5 Best Child Care Centres in San Jose
Day care center playground. Source: Pixabay

Below is a list of the top and leading Child Care Centres in San Jose. To help you find the best Child Care Centres located near you in San Jose, our team at Kev’s Best put together our own list based on this rating points list.

San Jose’s Best Child Care Centres:

The top rated Child Care Centres in San Jose are:

  • Scuttlebugs Child Development Center – the center promotes a child-teacher-parent bond
  • Community Child Care Council – has been impacting the lives of children, youth, seniors and families
  • San Jose Day Nursery – rendering a necessary learning curriculum and excellent childcare services
  • Roxana’s Day Care – with a purpose and devotion to create a diverse and creative atmosphere for children
  • Bright Horizons – gives a reliable ambiance that cultivates curiosity and education

Scuttlebugs Child Development Center

Scuttlebugs Child Development Center
Scuttlebugs Child Development Center. Source: Screenshot from www.scuttlebugscdc.com

Scuttlebugs Child Development Center was conceptualized by Sam, among the creator and associates of the center. They love languages, music, reading and therefore do their youngsters. Every child discovers and engages first hand in the abundance of not only their American culture but the nationwide cultures all around them.

They all love their children. The center ensures to promote child-teacher-parent connection or three dimensional bond. That really is, therefore, rewarding nonetheless it’s also crucial that their children love arriving daily to see their own educators in addition to their buddies. Parents may then realize truly currently a sheltered, safe and caring place for their children to learn and grow in their travel to becoming well rounded and well mannered.


Security, Eats, Health, Extra Step, Whole-Child, Extra-Curricular


Address: 3291 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, CA 95117
Phone: (866) 777-0040
Website: www.scuttlebugscdc.com


“Our daughter has had a wonderful experience here and we would highly recommend it! Perks: the teachers are wonderful, everything is included in the cost (food, diapers, etc.), they focus on child development, not just watching your children. The cost is very reasonable as well! Thanks for all that you do Scuttlebugs!” – Colin Triplett

Community Child Care Council

Community Child Care Council
Community Child Care Council. Source: Screenshot from www.4c.org

Community Child Care Council‘s partnership started in 1971 when an organization of parents discovered that their access into the present child development services had been limited since these certainly were prevented by benefiting from superior child care services which other kids in wealthy families were not receiving. Their concerns were assessed by community activists and teachers, and it had been ascertained their child care demands were really perhaps not being met. Then in 1972, the county united at the partnership, and 4 Cs was yielded.

The center has provided many services and programs for all children and even nutritional program. They take pride in employing great individuals who will surely take care of your child for exceptional development.


Child Care Resource and Referral, Subsidized Child Care Programs, Child Care Food Program, Family Child Care Home Education Network, Early Head Start, Child Care Initiative Project, Kaleidoscope, Health, and Safety Training and Reimbursement Program
TrustLine, Senior Nutrition Program


Address: 150 River Oaks Pkwy F-1, San Jose, CA 95134
Phone: (408) 487-0747
Website: www.4c.org


“Great place and people.” – D. Murray

San Jose Day Nursery

San Jose Day Nursery
San Jose Day Nursery. Source: Screenshot from www.sjdn.org

San Jose Day Nursery is located in 8th Street in downtown San Jose. Since 1916, the San Jose Day Nursery is focused on providing significant learning programs and superb childcare services for your small kids in the area. At an intricate public ecosystem, the Nursery attempts a team and boards that have a diversity of skills and heritages, compassion and relativity in family connections, and direction at the behavior of programs and service administration.

All teaching staff have been trained in child growth. The vital blend of technical instruction and experience functions as the supply of the expertise required to deal with the complicated problems of the kids and families.


Preschool Care and Education, Infant and Early Toddler Care and Education, Older Toddler Care and Education


Address: 33 N 8th St, San Jose, CA 95112
Phone: (408) 288-9667
Website: www.sjdn.org


“It’s a big place, enough space for activities.” – Bukky- Third Culture Individual

Roxana’s Day Care

Roxana's Day Care
Roxana’s Day Care. Source: Screenshot from www.roxanasdaycare.com

Roxana’s Day Care‘s purpose and dedication would be to develop a diverse and creative atmosphere for kids to grow naturally, funny and more creatively. They present a familiar and reliable atmosphere so that they encounter the world in new intelligent ways at their own movement. Assessing and learning out of those natural parts provides a naturally comprehensive world for them to flourish in.

A number of their customers see Roxana’s Day Care as not a nursery but also at dwelling. They supply a verified community for the parents and families inviting them to engage in and learn together. Parents feel safe and safe knowing that their devotion to their kids’ growth creates a caring connection for the students and family equally.


Full-Time Day Care, Part-Time Day Care, After School Programs, Before School Programs, Special Needs Care, Summer Care, Meals Provided, Twins/Siblings Care


Address: 518 War Admiral Ave, San Jose, CA 95111
Phone: (408) 225-1561
Website: www.roxanasdaycare.com


“I am so glad that I found a place that my daughter loves to go to every day! There is always something new at Roxana’s Daycare while still maintaining an awesome routine for the children. Her home is so organized and full of opportunities for creativity and imagination. The backyard is wonderful and they serve home-cooked meals! It’s definitely a place where I feel my daughter is in good hands. The amount of time and love that Roxana puts into her home definitely shows! I am so grateful that I found Roxana and Erika, they are truly awesome at what they do! Thank you, ladies!!” – Silvia Flores

Bright Horizons

Source: Pexels
Source: Pexels

Bright Horizons‘ duty is to present an inspirational and engaging environment that fosters learning and curiosity. An appreciation for the exterior is encouraged by their two private outside playgrounds. Their families originate in communities that are nearby, making a high-value environment and robust parent ventures.

Children graduate Bright Horizons with the relevant skills they will need to be successful in public or private schools. In polls, faculty and first-grade teachers report that Bright Horizons pupils are eager pupils that are socially and socially ready for years beforehand. Their centers also have strict rules for security and cleanliness and they are pleased to be known as a health-and-wellness version for child care centers.


The Infant Classroom, The Toddler/Two Classroom, The Preschool Classroom, The Kindergarten Prep Classroom


Address: 6120 Liska Ln, San Jose, CA 95119
Phone: (408) 225-3276
Website: www.child-care-preschool.brighthorizons.com


“Excellent daycare! The teachers we have had from Infant Room and Toddler 2 have been outstanding. They provide detailed updates daily on my child’s progress and development. My child has also learned so much over the past year.” – Zabrina Han