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5 Best Cell Phone Repair in Minneapolis, MN

Below is a list of the top and leading Cell Phone Repair in Minneapolis. To help you find the best Cell Phone Repair located near you in Minneapolis, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Minneapolis’ Best Cell Phone Repair:

The top rated Cell Phone Repair in Minneapolis, MN are:

  • iRepair Wireless – is committed to providing high-quality services
  • CMTC Wireless-iPhone 6s – provide you with an honest and free estimate
  • A2Z Wireless – is a leading cell phone repair shop in the Minneapolis area
  • Gophermods Minneapolis iPhone & iPad Repair – was founded in 2010 at the University of Minnesota
  • uBreakiFix – technician guarantees phone repair near you that’s done right the first time

iRepair WirelessCell Phone Repair in Minneapolis

iRepair Wireless, with them, your device is in the hands of highly trained individuals with experience and high-level customer service. They are committed to providing high-quality services. These are only their most popular repair services. Ask them for specific brands and models. If you are looking for a device in superb condition or want to buy it at an incredible price, check out their preowned devices in-store. Visit them for real solutions on iPad screen repair, battery repair, or anything repair.

Get a real quality repair experience. When your Mac presents difficulties with its battery, screen, or any other part, rely on them. When talking about repair services, iRepair Wireless is the expert.


iPhone Repair, iPad Repair, Mac Repair, Preowned Devices, Others


Address: 6001 Portland Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55417
Phone: (612) 866-3117
Website: www.irepairwireless.joinadcentral.site


“Humberto and team do a great job! I’ve brought my phone in multiple times with cracked screens, dirty ports, and other issues and they’ve fixed it within 30 minutes every time. Price is very reasonable and they’ve always done an excellent job. Would definitely recommend!” – Mark M.

CMTC Wireless-iPhone 6sTop Cell Phone Repair in Minneapolis

CMTC Wireless-iPhone 6s particularizes in the repair, diagnosis, and maintenance of mobile devices. They offer everything, from iPhone and android screen repairs to cell phone unlocking services. They also offer unlimited prepaid plans and carry a full inventory of mobile phone accessories like tempered glass screen protectors, SD memory cards, Bluetooth headphones and speakers, car and wall adapters, aux cords, and much more. CMTC Wireless-iPhone 6s have established themselves as the Twin Cities’ premier one-stop shop for all things wireless since 2010.

Their technicians have been offering fast and professional mobile device repair services at low-cost rates. The highly trained experts at CMTC Wireless will provide you an honest and free estimate via text, phone, and e-mail, or bring in your device for an in-store diagnosis.


iPhone repair, Smartphone Repair, Tablet Repair, iPod Repair, iPad Repair, Unlock Phone


Address: 920 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55407
Phone: (612) 300-9007
Website: www.wirelessrepairstore.com


“Martin is the best! Great fix with a high quality screen done in minutes. Also has the best prices in the twin cities. God forbid I crack my screen again, but if I do, i’m coming back here.” – Caleb B.

A2Z WirelessCell Phone Repair Minneapolis

A2Z Wireless is a leading cell phone repair shop in the Minneapolis area. They provide an unmatched level of the very best service, an easy and relaxed experience, and expedited and exceptional customer service. Cracked Screen, weak or no signal, no sound, charging issues, battery problems, headphone jack, data recovery, slow phone, water damage, camera or camera lens, sticky buttons, or whatever the problem is with your device, their team is devoted to servicing your device with a comprehensive solution in a fast timely manner so you can get back to your daily routine in no time.


Repairs, Unlocks, Pre-Paid


Address: 2805 E 42nd St, Minneapolis, MN 55406
Phone: (651) 447-4349
Website: www.a2zmn.com


“Had a great experience with Jacob at a2z! Quick replacement of iPhone XS battery and a really great time chatting! He’s a real mensch. I was very impressed. Watching him work was like watching a skilled surgeon. Don’t go to the Apple Store if you don’t need to!” – Michael C.

Gophermods Minneapolis iPhone & iPad RepairGood Cell Phone Repair in Minneapolis

Gophermods Minneapolis iPhone & iPad Repair was founded in 2010 at the University of Minnesota. Gophermods is a leading consumer electronics company in Minnesota with a specialization in the repair of premium smartphones and tablets. As of 2022, they have four retail locations throughout Minnesota. They service more than 25,000 devices per year with an emphasis on specializing in iPad Repair, MacBook Repair, iPhone Repair, and other recent technology.

Gophermods Minneapolis iPhone & iPad Repair strives to provide a great customer experience by taking the fear out of technology. They are there to bring the parts of your broken device together again. They know that your devices are an integral part of your life, and their mission is to keep you connected.


Repair, Buy, Sell


Address: 1624 New Brighton Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55413
Phone: (612) 354-2937
Website: www.gophermods.com


“Thank you for the wonderful experience. They repaired the screen of my OnePlus device that every other place in the cities refused to repair. They keep you informed every step of the way and don’t price gouge either. Fantastic service!! Will be recommending them!” – Shelby B.

uBreakiFixOne of the best Cell Phone Repair in Minneapolis

uBreakiFix‘s iPhone repair in Minneapolis, MN is always done promptly, with high-quality parts, and for the lowest price possible. If you stumble while scrolling and now searching for a phone repair in Uptown Minneapolis, MS. uBreakiFix is suitably located and ready to help you with whatever fix you may need, whether that’s a computer repair for your busted Chromebook or a quick iPhone screen repair. Their electronic experts will give you a free estimate and comprehensive report before you spend a single penny.

Come by today to Walk-ins are always welcome, or you can make an appointment online to schedule the best time for you. When you come to uBreakiFix in Uptown Minneapolis, you will always get the best fix in town, and at the best price. Their thorough training for each repair technician guarantees phone repair near you that’s done right the first time.


Cell Phone Repair, Tablet & Computer Repair, Others


Address: 921 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55408
Phone: (612) 655-2890
Website: www.ubreakifix.com


“Very easy/straightforward fix for a phone that shouldn’t have had issues in the first place but so it goes. Work was done under warranty in just a few hours and gave my spouse and I a reason to go out for breakfast and kill a few hours while we waited for the repair. Works as expected now, though it did require a full factory reset so you’ll likely need to spend some time getting a restore from backup done. Highly recommend making sure your cloud backup is on/has run recently to make for a smooth experience when you go in to drop off.” – Jonathan A.