5 Best Caterers in Tulsa, OK

Best Caterers in Tulsa, OK

Below is a list of the top and leading Caterers in Tulsa. To help you find the best Caterers located near you in Tulsa, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Tulsa’s Best Caterers: 

The top-rated Caterers in Tulsa, OK are:

  • Ludger’s Catering & Events – enjoys making an impact on its clients through meals
  • 2 POPS CATERING – provides quality service, great food, and on-time food delivery
  • Justin Thompson Catering – features elevated cuisine and beverages
  • Just Catering By Orr – specializes in orchestrating an unforgettable experience
  • TW’s-AFAB Catering – takes pride in offering food in its client’s most important events

Ludger’s Catering & Eventsskilled Caterers in Tulsa, OK

Ludger’s Catering & Events enjoys making an impact on its clients through meals. They are proud to offer a one-stop-shop for amazing food, quality service, and event planning. In addition, their team of skilled event planners and caterers is able to make the perfect event within budget. Furthermore, their goal is to stay on top of new food and service trends. They are sure to amaze clients with their impressive service at affordable rates.

They feature full-service meal preparation and catering services. Moreover, these include buffet setups, event cleanups, and meal preparation. Their services are perfect for corporate events to private events.

Products/ Services:

food preparation, caterers


Address: 1628 S Main St, Tulsa, OK 74119
Phone: (918) 744-9988
Website: ludgerscatering.com


”Excellent tasting cake and cupcakes!! They made my daughter’s cake and cupcakes for her wedding in Sept. Everyone loved the taste of both, they were a hit and decently priced !!! Thank you Ludger’s for a job well done !!” – Keri Mcclary


experienced Caterers in Tulsa, OK

2 POPS CATERING provides quality service, great food, and on-time food delivery. They know how to keep every service affordable and thorough. Their experienced staff works closely with their customers to prepare and create the perfect food ever. Moreover, they provide attentive service to every diner that comes. The team aims to reduce the burden of food service to their customers.

Their team of skilled caterers takes on any private event. Furthermore, these include corporate lunches, family reunions, and tailgate parties. They also cater to church and club luncheons.

Products/ Services:



Address: 5451 S Mingo Rd, Tulsa, OK 74146
Phone: (918) 516-8277
Website: 2popscatering.com


”Great food! The staff was great! I never saw them enter or set up. They timed everything perfectly. Mac n Cheese is to die for. The owner makes everything stress free! Seriously, you should book them for your wedding or event, you won’t regret it.” – Erin Beu

Justin Thompson Catering

award-winning Caterers in Tulsa, OK

Justin Thompson Catering features elevated cuisine and beverages. Every concept they offer is inspired by concepts done within the Justine Thompson Restuarant Group. Moreover, their expert staff help clients create the perfect menu for every event. They have years of experience in delighting guests with their impressive menu selection. They also have expertly trained service staff working with every client.

The company provides a full catering service selection. Their services include table servers, bartenders, and event management. Furthermore, they also have menu planning and corporate meal planning services available.

Products/ Services:

event planning, caterers


Address: 1115 S Lewis Ave A, Tulsa, OK 74104
Phone: (918) 779-6333
Website: tulsacatering.com


“Pickup was easy and well packed. The instructions were very clear for the reheat and presentation and the food was spectacular. I hate to say that everything was so good and I hate to pick one thing out as if it stood above the rest. It was just perfect. The dinner for four was plenty for 4 adults and we had some leftovers. I am just blown away at the creativity and the product that they deliver. We will be regulars at the Justin Thompson Supper Club.” – Rod Sherwin

Just Catering By Orr 

accommodating Caterers in Tulsa, OK

Just Catering By Orr specializes in orchestrating an unforgettable experience. They are Oklahoma’s premier full-service and fully customizable catering company. The company is highly devoted to serving its people and its community with quality food selection. In addition, they bring their commitment to both food and service. Moreover, they aim to establish a great relationship with the people they serve. They take pride in being able to do their job efficiently and professionally.

They specialize in wedding coordination, catering, and event services. These include meal planning, table setting, and menu selection. Furthermore, they also provide a diverse range of inclusions for their catering services.

Products/ Services:

caterers, meal planning


Address: 6125 S Sheridan Rd Suite H, Tulsa, OK 74133
Phone: (918) 523-9500
Website: justcateringbyorr.com


”Josie and her team are amazing! We cannot say enough good things about her. She has been catering for us for years and it’s nice to have built up such a trusting relationship. She is a great listener and always delivers our vision no matter the size of our event. Recently her team set up our house while we were not home. Our party arrived to find charcuterie/grazing tables all over the kitchen and living room. Everything was delicious and beautiful.” – Debbie Zelkind

TW’s-AFAB Catering

professional Caterers in Tulsa, OKTW’s-AFAB Catering takes pride in offering food at its client’s most important events. Moreover, they are delighted to take on any catering offer to any event size. Their services are personally managed by skilled nutritionists and dedicated staff. They place all their client’s satisfaction as their top priority. In addition, they are highly skilled in offering various food and bartending services.

They offer affordable event planning services. Furthermore, their services include event planning, meal planning, and catering. They also provide vegan meal planning for special diets.

Products/ Services:

event management, caterers


Address: 217 W Latimer St, Tulsa, OK 74106
Phone: (918) 582-8608
Website: twsafabcatering.com


“Tim and Matthew were spectacular to deal with for our event of 180 people. They worked with us every step of the way, especially on the little details. Their servers were awesome at the event and dinner was served on time, at the right temperatures, and it was fantastic food. We couldn’t be happier and they are now our go-to caterer. Thanks so much for coming through! You did great!” – Rustan Schwichtenberg