5 Best Bush Walks in Denver, CO

Best Bush Walks in Denver, CO

Below is a list of the top and leading Bush Walks in Denver. To help you find the best Bush Walks located near you in Denver, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Denver’s Best Bush Walks: 

The top-rated Bush Walks in Denver, CO are:

  • Bluff Lake Nature Center – nonprofit agency that owns and manages a unique urban wildlife refuge
  • Highline Canal Trail – 71-mile diverse physical and social mosaic trail in the Highline Canal
  • Westerly Creek Park – offers integrated and dynamic walks and trailing park
  • Hentzell (Paul A) Park – provides the finest bushwalk and trail walks
  • Greenway Trail – manages a national network of lands and waters with unique wildlife

Bluff Lake Nature Center

non-profit Bush Walks in Denver, CO

Bluff Lake Nature Center is a nonprofit agency that owns and manages a unique urban wildlife refuge. It is also Denver’s only nonprofit nature center. The refuge is home to an abundance of animals and native plants which thrive in a variety of habitats. Moreover, Bluff Lake is Denver’s largest open space managed as native habitat. Furthermore, their services are created within community support.

They feature a large array of landmarks that are a must-see while visiting them. In addition, they have lake laboratories, summer camps, and nature walkways. They also feature wildlife resources and nature centers for children.

Products/ Services:

nature walk, wildlife refuge, bushwalk


Address: 11255 E M.L.K. Jr Blvd, Denver, CO 80238
Phone: (720) 708-4147
Website: blufflake.org


”Hidden gem in the city. Roughly 2 miles easier hike with some steps and incline changes. It has great facts posted and little activities for kids. We enjoyed seeing the birds, ducks, and prairie dogs. It’s a nice little slice of local nature! Educational and informational stops throughout, and tons of wildlife and wildflowers. Loved it!” – Bobbi Anania

Highline Canal Trail

dynamic Bush Walks in Denver, CO

Highline Canal Trail is a 71-mile diverse physical and social mosaic trail in the Highline Canal. It is one of the longest and most spectacular linear parks in the nation. In addition, their cottonwood banks weave through residential neighborhoods. They are managed by responsive and reliable managers that prioritize eco-friendly management and the safety of their clients.

The park provides a wide selection of activities and walkways. Furthermore, they offer public parks, golf courses, and cemeteries.  They also offer commercial and industrial lands, and over and under urban thruways.

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Address: Denver, CO 80224
Phone: (214) 454-2070
Website: highlinecanal.org


”Lovely trail that I lived near the 47-mile mark. Covered in snow you will find hundreds of prints of animals roaming around. So far we have seen snakes, bunnies, deer, and once even a coyote. I have to take one star off due to the many dog owners who simply don’t pick up after their pets. There are places you would rather float across the grass” – Nicolas Gohmert

Westerly Creek Park

caring Bush Walks in Denver, CO

Westerly Creek Park offers integrated and dynamic walks and trailing park. The management maximizes the safety of the visitors and biodiversity. There are park rangers offering guidance and protection. Moreover, they are one of the most expansive park systems in the West. Their scenic park offers a pleasant route for every visitor. In addition, their services are well-managed and thoughtful.

The park offers and maximizes its services with extensive parks within trails. Their system includes trails with scenic waterways, conservation areas, and hand-launched boating. They also have several bike parks available for all ages and skill levels.

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Address: 9200 E 26th Ave, Denver, CO 80220
Phone: (720) 913-1311
Website: denvergov.org


“Bordering Central Park. Two years ago I didn’t see many Birds, now in 2019, the surprise was great. A good place to photograph wildlife and is safe. The creek is beautiful but needs maintenance. The need to locate the source of contaminated water in some of them is critical. Thanks to Denver and his citizens for the opportunity I had to photograph your Park.” – John Yo San

Hentzell (Paul A) Park

must-see Bush Walks in Denver, CO

Hentzell (Paul A) Park provides the finest bushwalk and trail walks. Their services are a must-try with their inclusive nature walks and dynamic activities. Furthermore, their staff is accommodating to everyone. This covers small to large groups and families to enjoy their offered services. They make sure that everyone is having an unforgettable experience with them. In addition, their staff is all First Aid ready and thoroughly trained.

The park provides an extensive list of activities and fun amusements. Moreover, there are natural forests, municipal golf courses, and dog parks. There are also mountain parks, trails, and ranger programs.

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Address: 10300 E Yale Ave, Denver, CO 80231
Phone: (720) 913-1311
Website: denvergov.org


”Mom dog, Copper (Super handsome and brilliant liver and white English Springer Spaniel) LOVES this park. There are way fewer dogs that come through this park than others so there is more wildlife and therefore WAY more smells…remember he is a bird dog. There are numerous winding trails through the park, a small little sandy “Beach” area, open areas, bridges, small waterfall, etc. ” – Dirk S

Greenway Trail

must-try Bush Walks in Denver, CO

Greenway Trail features a national network of lands and waters that is home to a unique set of wildlife. Furthermore, their purpose is to be a habitat for various plants and animals that lets them roam free. They make sure that every person that visits their trail is able to experience the true taste of nature. In addition, they have efficient management actions to protect the area.

Their trail and park feature various services best enjoyed with loved ones and family members. Moreover, these features include wildlife drives, hiking trails, and an archery range. They also have fishing lakes open for fishing and boating.

Products/ Services:

hiking area, bushwalk


Address: 5597 Helena St, Denver, CO 80239
Phone: (303) 486-5773
Website: fws.gov


”This is my favorite local park. It has two small ponds full of turtles and carp. Deer are often present in the mornings. Great place to pretend you are in nature in the middle of the suburbs. Overall excellent trails leading to and around lake and Marsh area. not much shade but very beautiful.” – Ben Jackson