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5 Best Branding Specialists in Long Beach, CA

Below is a list of the top and leading Branding Specialists in Long Beach. To help you find the best Branding Specialists located near you in Long Beach, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Long Beach’s Best Branding Specialists:

The top rated Branding Specialists in Long Beach, CA are:

  • PRIAM Inc. – offers a favorable environment and plenty of resources
  • Endslate – strengthen their client’s branding
  • Gath Design – specializing in strategic branding, logo design
  • Commune Communication – complete with unique skill-based roles and obligations
  • Margaux Agency, LLC – developing cutting-edge websites and smart visual brand identities

PRIAM Inc.Branding Specialists in Long Beach

PRIAM Inc. believes that what attracts customers is an exceptional product story. They specialize in working with well-known companies in a variety of industries to enhance their marketing effectiveness. To forge deeper ties with customers, they use innovative techniques that tap into human psychology. Sales and brand loyalty are ultimately driven by this tested strategy.

What makes them distinct is their personnel and their passion. Their branding specialists are adept at transforming concepts into live promotions that established firms as household names. They maintain their collective intelligence by offering a favorable environment and plenty of resources. Their team of skilled marketing specialists develops ideas and evaluates a brand’s standing in the market once they begin working on it.


Brand Management, Business Analysis, Customer Acquisition, & More


Address: 1 World Trade Center Suite #480, Long Beach, CA 90831
Phone: (562) 252-1488
Website: www.priamincorporated.com


“Great place to work. Great sense of community and fellowship. The people who work here are top notch and the opportunities are amazing. There is plenty of room for growth with a very supportive team and staff.” – Joseph R.

EndslateTop Branding Specialists in Long Beach

Endslate is a creative team dedicated to providing the best services for their clients through real tales that connect with their audience. Passion brings out the best in them. They are dedicated to creating an inclusive workplace where people from all backgrounds can work in a varied team.

Help businesses inject creativity into every aspect of their digital presence by joining Endslate. They are able to strengthen their client’s branding and produce a genuinely one-of-a-kind digital experience through a series of interviews with their branding specialists.


Brand Identity, eCommerce Strategy, Web Design, & More


Address: 834 E 4th St #J, Long Beach, CA 90802
Website: www.endslate.co


“I was referred to Endslate and I can not stress enough how I wish I worked with them sooner. Investing in digital marketing and the professional look of my construction company has nearly tripled my revenue and continues to grow. I realized how important it is for clients to have a visual of what we can do as a business through social media and a company website. As a business owner, I highly recommend.” – Jose P.

Gath DesignBranding Specialists Long Beach

Gath Design is a graphic design studio in Long Beach that is centrally located between Los Angeles and Orange County and, thanks to the internet, is accessible to people all over the United States.

They specialize in strategic branding, logo design, and developing a distinct graphic voice that makes your brand heard, remembered, and preferred. Gath Design is in charge of branding both small and large businesses. Every design, from personal logos to corporate logos used globally, is crafted with decades of experience.


Logo Design & Branding, Website Services, Marketing, Packaging Design


Address: 1777 N Bellflower Blvd Suite 200A, Long Beach, CA 90815
Phone: (562) 883-3283
Website: www.gathdesign.com


“I’ve partnered with Dave at Gath Design on many projects for over 15 years. His eye for design is top-notch resulting in dynamic visual communications. Dave is fun to collaborate with; always tabling effective conceptual ideas. I would recommend Gath Design to anyone. ” – Eric H.

Commune CommunicationGood Branding Specialists in Long Beach

Commune Communication, began as a quip. They decided to build a fictitious, online “Commune,” complete with unique skill-based roles and obligations that had nothing to do with marketing because they were all exhausted from working 80-hour weeks in New York City. At the very least, their imagined utopia allows them to daydream about warmer climes while yet another thundersnow is falling.

The outcome is the same, days spent with some of their closest friends, working on projects with people they love, even though they may be in a coastal office instead of a patch of land upstate and even though their abilities may be devoted to solving business challenges instead of cultivating crops.


Brand Positioning & Planning, Trend Monitoring, Graphic Design, Brand & Identity Development, & More


Address: 425 E 4th St, Long Beach, CA 90802
Phone: (562) 366-0080
Website: www.communecommunication.com


“Commune Communication is a fantastic organization. I started to work with them a couple of years ago engaging our students from CSULB. They’ve been supportive, gracious, humorous, and generous with their time. They are a big support to the city and have the drive to help others.” – Bert R.

Margaux Agency, LLCOne of the best Branding Specialists in Long Beach

Margaux Agency, LLC, is a top social media agency in Los Angeles, California, founded by Monica Garrett with the goal of developing cutting-edge websites and smart visual brand identities for businesses. Experience with the Margaux Agency may be summed up as competent, wise, and imaginative.

Every project adheres to this and is customized for every client. Their goal is to be the go-to social media marketing agency for contemporary companies trying to boost sales and engage with customers.


Branding & Logo Design, Social Media Advertising Services, & More


Address: 120 E 3rd St #203, Long Beach, CA 90802
Phone: (562) 317-4844
Website: www.margauxagency.com


“Monica and her team members are truly the best to work with. Always responsive and full of creative ideas for our firm. They took our social media marketing to a whole new level. I would recommend them to any of my friends and colleagues.” – Whitney E.