5 Best Bottleshops in San Jose 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Bottleshops in San Jose. To help you find the best Bottleshops located near you in San Jose, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

San Jose’s Best Bottleshops:

The top-rated Bottleshops in San Jose are:

  • Kelly’s Liquor Store – the best craft beers in San Jose.
  • Southgate Liquors – liquors and craft beers in San Jose.
  • Royal Liquors – choose luxury, everyday drinking, or specialty items.
  • Don’s Liquors & Wine – 30 years of selling fine wines and spirits.
  • Total Wine & More – liquor superstore chain with a fine wine focus, also offering tastings & classes.

Kelly’s Liquor Store

5 Best Bottleshops in San Jose

Kelly’s Liquor Store is a family-owned and operated bottleshop that specializes in craft beer and fine liquor. Since opening in 1938, Kelly’s Liquor Store has served San Jose residents top-quality craft beer, exquisite liquor, and fine wine. Kelly’s Liquor Store has grown into a household name for its unwavering commitment to customer service for almost a century. Their staff are very friendly and professional and will assist you with everything that you need. If you are looking for a trusted and reliable bottleshop that has an extensive collection of booze, drop by Kelly’s today to get your top-up.

Craft beers, spirits, best-rated beers

Address: 498 N 4th St, San Jose, CA 95112-5256
Phone: (408) 297-4411 ‎
Website: worldfamouskellysliquors.com

It was really impressive. The taste of their wine was heavenly. Especially, the red wine tastes bitter-sweet, and the smell was so good as well. I will surely visit this shop again. Impressive wine shop. – Harold Wolfe

Southgate Liquors

The Best Bottleshops in San Jose

Southgate Liquors prides themselves in their extensive collection of imported and locally-crafted and brewed liquor. This bottleshop also has the standard convenience store products and items to compliment the assortment of high-quality booze they have. Southgate Liquors also have a large variety of other drinks like sodas, slushies, ice cream, and hot pockets. Their staff are friendly and will assist you with your shopping needs to the best of their capacity. Considered as one of San Jose’s prime bottleshops, the fusion of being able to buy your liquor and snacks to accompany it makes Southgate Liquors one of the best bottleshops in the city.

Wine, spirits, beer, sale, tastings, events

Address: 445 Blossom Hill Road, San Jose, CA 95123
Phone: (408) 225-4321
Website: southgateliquorsdelivery.com

This is one of the best wine shops in town. If you don’t have time to travel to the wine area, visit the wine shop and sample some of their offerings. Come to us! It comes highly recommended! – Iman Sinclair

Royal Liquors

Best Bottleshops in San Jose

Royal Liquors has one of the best collections of fine wine, spirits, and liquor in San Jose. Since opening for business in 1997, Royal Liquors has remained a steadfast bottleshop that caters to customers through their emphasis on customer service as the main priority. Their staff are very professional, friendly, and are more than capable of providing a pleasant customer experience to everyone who shops in Royal. Their ever-changing revolving door of wines and liquor is what makes Royal one of the best bottleshops in the city with the diversity of their collection. If you are looking for a bottleshop that has an amazing collection of liquor to choose from, look no further, Royal Liquors has everything you’ll ever want.

Wine, spirits, beer, tastings, events

Address: 3144 Williams Road, San Jose, CA 95117
Phone: (408) 260-1098
Website: royalwines-spirits.com

If you are into craft beer, I absolutely recommend this place. They have everything from A to Z. Different breweries and varieties galore, there will be something for you. Also, they give a discount if you fill up a sleeve! Check them out! – Daniel Lynn

Don’s Liquors & Wine

San Jose Best Bottleshops

Don’s Liquors & Wine has been offering the San Jose community a fine selection of liquor alongside outstanding customer service. Since 1988, Don’s Liquors and Wines has been supplying the people of San Jose with the best spirits, beers, wines, and liquors for memorable events and celebrations. Their team is spectacular when it comes to providing the best customer experience to patrons through professionalism, friendliness, and an undying commitment to making shopping for booze in San Jose overall enjoyable. Looking for a bottle of the bubbly or a six-pack? Drop by Don’s Liquors and Wine today to see their deals.

Wine, spirits, combo collections, case deals, barrel picks, baijiu, sake, soju

Address: 1053 E Capitol Expy San Jose, CA 95121
Phone: (408) 225-2991
Website: donsliquorsandwine.com

Ordered 3x bottles not available in my neck of the woods. Despite COVID-19 things came super-fast. Perfect packaging and reasonable shipping prices too. I will definitely be ordering from Don’s again. – Toby Shaw

Total Wine & More

San Jose's Best Bottleshops

Total Wine & More is a bottleshop in San Jose that has an incredible collection of wines, beer, liquor, and cigars at very affordable prices. The bottleshop also offers educational classes, weekly tastings, and other wine-related events. Total Wine also offers same-day delivery and pick-ups via their mobile app. You can also shop in their online store so you won’t need to actually drop by their store. Total Wine’s staff is friendly and will provide exquisite customer service to make sure you are having fun while shopping. Looking for a reliable bottleshop that carries a wide variety of liquor, beer, wine, and more? Hop on Total Wine’s website or drop by their store today to see the latest deals.

Wines, spirits, beers and seltzers, accessories, and more, deals

Address: 5140 Cherry Ave Suite 30 San Jose, CA 95118
Phone: (408) 445-8750
Website: totalwine.com

Love coming to the adult candy store. They have everything we possibly need. Obviously, Don Julio is our favorite. But they always have anything we are in the mood for in stock. It also helps to have the App to check stock so you don’t take an unnecessary trip. – Victor Sanchez