5 Best Bookstores in Denver, CO

Best Bookstores in Denver

Below is a list of the top and leading Bookstores in Denver. To help you find the best Bookstores located near you in Denver, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Denver’s Best Bookstores:

The top rated Bookstores in Denver, CO are:

  • The Bookies Bookstore – books and teaching supplies emerge from the basement
  • Dream Books Co. – concentrate on providing high-quality experiences for their customers
  • Park Hill Community Bookstore – oldest consistently operated not-for-profit bookstore
  • Hudson Booksellers – believe in offering the comprehensive and best selection of books
  • Kilgore Books – on-site used book and independent comic shop

The Bookies BookstoreBookstores in Denver

The Bookies Bookstore, 50 years ago, their owner, Sue Lubeck, determined the children of Denver needed a magical bookstore. She packed her home basement with children’s books and opened her doors. Soon, the books were joined by teaching resources and they all toppled into the hallway, then the living room, and into the bedrooms. After 10 years, the books and teaching supplies emerge from the basement and into a bookstore, where they invited a few new friends to join them, like adult books, toys, and games.

They have said they all lived happily ever after, but that would be cliché. The Bookies Bookstore actually is that charming place that Sue visualized. Communitarian and still independently owned by Sue, The Bookies Bookstore is a paradise for booklovers of all ages.


Books, Events, Gift Cards


Address: 4315 E Mississippi Ave, Denver, CO 80246
Phone: (303) 759-1117
Website: www.thebookies.com


“Absolutely love this store. The staff is friendly and you can’t beat the selection of kids’ books and games.” – Kaati R.

Dream Books Co.Top Bookstores in Denver

Dream Books Co. is proudly founded in Denver, Colorado. From modest beginnings, Dream Books has surpassed all expectations however, its mission remains intact: consistently deliver the best possible workplace for its employees. They are engaged to their people; this mission feeds into all aspects of our business. By making an employee-centric workplace, Dream Books employees can concentrate on providing high-quality experiences for their customers, partners, and community.

Their dedication to their team means that their employees can productively pursue their goals and dreams with the support of their workplace. They want to move beyond earning a living and allow opportunities for their people to create a life. Dream Books Company’s Mission is to consistently deliver the best possible workplace for their employees.


Recycling, Books Selling


Address: 4455 Grape St, Denver, CO 80216
Phone: (720) 996-1984
Website: www.dreambooksco.com


“Received the book quickly, better condition than described, reasonably priced. Would order from them again.” – David P.

Park Hill Community BookstoreBookstores Denver

Park Hill Community Bookstore, primarily known as the Park Hill Cooperative Bookstore, Park Hill Community Bookstore was incorporated in 1971 (the same year as The Tattered Cover) with the objective of expanding literacy within the community. They are the oldest consistently operated not-for-profit bookstore in the Denver metro area. To fulfill their mission of contributing to community literacy they offer a large selection of used books at greatly reduced prices and provide funds to local school libraries to expand their collections.

Additionally, unsold books are sometimes donated to local charities, and schools, including Manual and Mcauliffe, the Greater Park Hill Community, The Gathering Place, St. Francis Apt, the Salvation Army, and ARC.


New & Used Books


Address: 4620 E 23rd Ave, Denver, CO 80207
Phone: (303) 355-8508
Website: www.parkhillbookstore.org


“Love this bookstore. Great selection, reasonable prices, and helpful staff.” – Bruce C.

Hudson BooksellersGood Bookstores in Denver

Hudson Booksellers is honored to be the airports’ leading bookseller. At Hudson, they don’t just sell books, they love books. No disinterested algorithms or automated responses. It’s their quest to help their customers find the books that are right for them, whether they are bestsellers, business advice, indie reads, or quirky cult classics, their staff is ready to put the perfect book in your hands. The travelers’ community bookstore for over twenty years, they have been a cultural gateway between their home cities and a world of destinations, featuring book selections in over 450 stores in 83 airports, including 80 full-service bookstores.

They believe in offering the comprehensive and best selection of books in every store, in expert and passionate booksellers, in celebrating local authors as well as international prizewinners, and in helping small and independent presses while still always having the latest bestsellers.


Books Selling


Address: 8500 Peña Blvd, Denver, CO 80249
Phone: (303) 342-6848
Website: www.hudsonbooksellers.com


“Books, magazines, chips, drinks, and much more. Small shop with lots of options.” – Aiden W.

Kilgore BooksOne of the best Bookstores in Denver

Kilgore Books began as an on-site used book and independent comic shop in Denver, Colorado on June 1, 2008. They printed a couple of local humor zine/comics but really entered the publishing world in June of 2010, when they released Blammo #6, by Noah Van Sciver. Since then they have continued to put out Noah’s work as well great comics from Alex Graham, Alex Nal, Amara Leipzig, Box Brown, Glynnis Fawkes, Ines Estrada, Emi Gennis, Joe Matt, Joseph Remnant, Josh Pettinger, Jake Roth, Karl Christian Krumpholz, Karl Stevens, Lauren Barnett, M.S. Harkness, Matias San Juan, Mike Freiheit, Zak Sally, Robert Sergel, Sam Spina, Simon Moreton, and Tom Van Deusen.

Beyond comics, they have produced a number of art prints, together with a documentary about John Porcellino’s King-Cat Comics & Stories.


Comic Books


Address: 624 E 13th Ave, Denver, CO 80203
Phone: (303) 815-1979
Website: www.kilgorebooks.com


“My wife and I like to visit used book stores whenever we travel. Kilgore Books was great. They had large sections of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror genres. All the books were alphabetical by author. We found a number of books for our nightstands.” – Joel A.