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5 Best BBQ Restaurants in El Paso, TX

Below is a list of the top and leading BBQ Restaurants in El Paso. To help you find the best BBQ Restaurants in El Paso located near you in Fresno, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

El Paso’s Best BBQ Restaurants: 

The top-rated BBQ Restaurants in El Paso, TX are:

  • Desert Oak Barbecue – cooks their delectable dishes in steady heat with oak as fuel
  • Tony’s The Pit Bar-B-Q – has been serving the whole local community with delectable barbeque since 1958
  • Johnny’s Pit Barbecue – serves a diverse range of barbecue dishes since 1955
  • Dickey’s Barbecue Pit – features slow-smoked meats and Southern sides
  • Rib Hut East – open for dine-in-, pick-up, and curbside for all of their dishes

Desert Oak Barbecue

Desert Oak Barbecue El Paso

Desert Oak Barbecue cooks their delectable dishes in steady heat with oak as fuel. The staff source and personally pick it up from Central Texas. This ensures that they get only the best. Furthermore, they make sure that the meats are exposed to steady heat. They only use prime beef for their brisket. The prime beef is cooked low and slow for no less than 12 hours.

Their delectable servings cover American, Southwestern, and Barbecue cuisine. Moreover, their food is available for lunch and dinner. There are selections like BBQ brisket, mac, and cheese, and pulled pork.

Products/ Services:

BBQ restaurant


Address: 1320 N Zaragoza Rd #105, El Paso, TX 79936
Phone: (915) 309-4322
Website:  desertoakbarbecue.com


”Our first experience with Texas barbecue, and what an amazing place to have it. All of our food came out perfectly seasoned and delicious. Upon learning about our arrival from North Carolina, the (assumed) manager gave us a sample of the ribs to compare to the east coast. All around wonderful staff and the friendliest demeanor, paired with excellent food. Don’t miss this unassuming gem!” – Alex Yonkovig

Tony’s The Pit Bar-B-Q

Tony's The Pit Bar-B-Q El Paso

Tony’s The Pit Bar-B-Q has been serving the whole local community with delectable barbeque since 1958. The quality of the dishes they serve has been preserved over the years. furthermore, they have a great selection of food to choose from. They ensured that they have something for everyone. Their food is available for dine-in, delivery, and catering.

Some of their dishes include beef, sausage, pork, chicken, and hash sandwiches. Moreover, they serve burritos and meats by the pound. There are also platters goof for 8 to 24 people.

Products/ Services:

BBQ restaurant


Address: 1700 Myrtle Ave, El Paso, TX 79901
Phone: (915) 546-9140
Website:  tonysthepitbbq.com


We always feel so special when we eat here. Everyone takes pride in their work, and every employee feels like your family made a fantastic meal for you!!!” – Becky Martinez

Johnny’s Pit Barbecue 

Johnny's Pit Barbecue  El Paso

Johnny’s Pit Barbecue serves a diverse range of barbecue dishes since 1955. They have preserved their own original recipes. The restaurant is locally owned and operated. Furthermore, there is a comfortable dining room that can cater to all group types. There is also an outdoor patio. Their dishes are also available for catering and take-out.

They serve sandwiches like pork, beef, ham, and hash. Moreover, they serve burritos and plates. There is also meat by the pound and various side servings. During Saturdays, they serve half-rack and full-rack ribs.

Products/ Services:

BBQ restaurant, burrito, ribs


Address: 4768 Doniphan Dr, El Paso, TX 79922
Phone: (915) 833-2828
Website:  johnnyspitbbq.wixsite.com/since1955


”The Big Johnny is an amazing and highly devourable brisket sandwich. The chili beans were good too, nice portion size even on the small. Excellent fast and friendly service.” – Garrett Vogenbeck

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit 

Dickey's Barbecue Pit  El Paso

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit features slow-smoked meats and Southern sides. It is a great place to eat with family, friends, and co-workers. The restaurant creatures an open concept kitchen. Furthermore, customers can see and smell the meat being smoked. They can also observe the food being prepared. Aside from dine-in, they have services for catering and delivery.

They serve box lunches and party planners. Moreover, there are various options for meats by the pound. This includes marinated chicken breast, turkey, and beef brisket. They also serve desserts like pecan pie ad chocolate chunk cookies.

Products/ Services:

BBQ restaurant, cake, bread, meat by the pound


Address: 1513 N Zaragoza Rd Ste C, El Paso, TX 79936
Phone: (915) 201-2577
Website:   dickeys.com/locations/Texas/El-Paso/el-paso


Had the delicious Carolina barbeque sandwich that has coleslaw in it, potato chips and soft drink. The Carolina sauce makes the sandwich messy but your taste buds will be delighted. The owner, Samantha waited on me as if I were family. She wouldn’t even let me get up to get more napkins. This is good barbecue!” – George Popson Jr.

Rib Hut East 

Rib Hut East El Paso

Rib Hut East is open for dine-in-, pick-up, and curbside for all of their dishes. They create the best selection of food to satisfy the tastebuds of their customers. They ensure that they constantly impress them with their flavors and meats. Furthermore, they specialize in serving BBQ burgers, chicken, and beer.

They serve platters that include various types of meats. Moreover, there is a selection of sausage, baby back ribs, and spare ribs. They also serve steaks like rib-eye, Santa Fe rib-eye, and chicken fried steak. They also have family packs that can serve 3 to 5 people.

Products/ Services:

BBQ restaurant, sandwich, burger


Address:  12302 Montana Ave Suite 901-903, El Paso, TX 79938
Phone: (915) 313-5410
Website: ribhutep.com


”This was my first time coming here and I really liked it. Food was good and we got plenty. Service was great as well. We will be coming back for sure.” – Cecilia White

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