5 Best Bars in Minneapolis, MN

Best Bars in Minneapolis, MN

Below is a list of the top and leading Bars in Minneapolis. To help you find the best Bars located near you in Minneapolis, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Minneapolis’s Best Bars: 

The top-rated Bars in Minneapolis, MN are:

  • Prohibition Bar – takes a step back in time with its distinctive Minneapolis-themed night bar
  • The Pourhouse –  jack of all trade type of bar
  • Palmer’s Bar – has been the go-to bar institution ever since 1906
  • Brit’s Pub – the perfect place to have the perfect drink
  • Grumpy’s Bar – takes pride in offering tasty drinks with the best bar atmosphere

Prohibition Bar

dynamic Bars in Minneapolis, MN

Prohibition Bar takes a step back in time with its distinctive Minneapolis-themed night bar. It is a private and full-floor retreat with a spectacular view of the nightlife in the city. Moreover, their interior is the best with its unique designs and a modern feel. The bar uses the best and freshest ingredients to create every drink and food they offer guests. In addition, they create carefully crafted cocktails for all their guests.

The bar features a full selection of premium drinks and spirits. Furthermore, these include scotch, American whiskeys, and cognacs. They also serve vodkas, gin, and cocktails.

Products/ Services:

beer, bar


Address: Speakeasy in the Sky, 821 South Marquette Avenue 27th Floor, Minneapolis, MN 55402
Phone: (612) 215-3700
Website: thelivingroom-prohibition.com


”This bar is very cozy with a nice fireplace! They also have couches around which is nice for a group of people.Drinks are very good. ” – Zikar Zaour

The Pourhouse

affordable Bars in Minneapolis, MNThe Pourhouse is a jack of all trade type of bar. With over 5 private rooms and live performances every night, they are sure to impress their guests. In addition, it is an American-inspired house serving delicious lunch. The massive 25 foot HD projection screen makes them the best destination for all football matches. Furthermore, they guarantee a free and exciting night perfect for people looking for fun.

They feature a variety of must-experience live performances, dance rooms, and drinks. These include nightclubs, dance nights, and live DJ performances. Moreover, they also have VIP bottle service and private event hosting.

Products/ Services:

bar, drinks, sandwiches


Address: 10 S 5th St #11, Minneapolis, MN 55402
Phone: (612) 913-0488
Website: thepourhousempls.com


”Went here on a Saturday night. For $5 cover we got to see a great cover band playing songs from the 90s and 00s, along with go go dancers, and more. Everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves. It gets really loud, my ears are ringing as I write this. Definitely for a younger crowd.” – Brad Knutson

Palmer’s Bar

excellent Bars in Minneapolis, MN

Palmer’s Bar has been the go-to bar institution since 1906. They have been in constant search of the perfect drinks and live performances. Furthermore, they work hard to preserve the quality of beer and ambiance within the bar. They aim to share their joy with their customers and guests. Their services ensure that their customers have the perfect night out.

The team provides a large selection of bar services. Moreover, these include live DJs, live bands, and local artists. They also provide beer, mimosas, and beer swings. There are also selections of bar food made with the most delicious recipes.

Products/ Services:

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Address: 500 Cedar Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55454
Phone: (612) 333-7625
Website: palmersbar.net


“Reasonable prices, good strong drinks, pleasant staff and great live music Thursdays thru Sunday. Super back yard/deck in the summer. Gotta love this place!” – William Freeman

Brit’s Pub

fresh Bars in Minneapolis, MN

Brit’s Pub is the perfect place to have the perfect drink. For over 30 years, they have been the go-to corner pub and bar for local customers. Moreover, they are accommodating and friendly to new and returning guests. The bar is known for its lawn bowling with impressive drinks and bartenders. In addition, they were named one of the top rooftop bars in America. They also take pride in providing a unique range of private event spaces.

The bar specializes in offering a broad selection of drinks and nightly activities. Furthermore, these include lawn bowling, golfing, and private event hosting. They also serve tap beer, pint beer, and liquor.

Products/ Services:

liquor, bar


Address: 1110 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55403
Phone: (612) 332-3908
Website: britspub.com


”The absolute best fish I have ever eaten in my life! The is a large pub with multiple rooms within the pub, upstairs has pull tables. Decently priced food. Liquor price is a little high but good quality beer and drinks. The staff was great!” – Tj Ellis

Grumpy’s Barwelcoming Bars in Minneapolis, MN

Grumpy’s Bar takes pride in offering tasty drinks with the best bar atmosphere. They serve one of the largest beer and spirit selections in the state. There are over 100 drinks to choose from. In addition, their staff happily serves each drink with impressive live entertainment and nightly activities. Moreover, the team is highly skilled in serving the best selection of drinks and tap beers.

The bar provides a wide selection of bar amenities and drinks. Their drinks include Pilsners, lagers, and Fulton beers. Furthermore, they also serve red wines, whiskeys, and Minnesota beers.

Products/ Services:

bar, dance room, drinks


Address: 2200 4th St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418
Phone: (612) 789-7429
Website: grumpys.bar/northeast


”One of America’s finest bars. Staff and clientele are amazing, professional, and fast. The prices are entirely reasonable. The have a truly varied and delicious beer list that is very heavy on Minnesota brews. Every Monday they do a happy hour with vinyl spinning and half off Minnesota beer. The patio is a good size and they host a lot of charity events with great music in the yard..” – Andy Holmaas