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5 Best Bakeries in Albuquerque, NM

Below is a list of the top and leading Bakeries in Albuquerque. To help you find the best Bakeries located near you in Albuquerque, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Albuquerque’s Best Bakeries : 

The top-rated Bakeries in Albuquerque, NM are:

  • Fat City Eats, Treats & Sweets –supplies freshly baked and locally inspired baked goods
  • The Burque Bakehouse – offers sweets, pastries, and pies on a whole new level
  • Ihatov Bread and Coffee – proudly provides fresh and delicious pastry with the perfect cup of coffee
  • BitterSweets Bakery – all-scratch artisan bakery ensuring fresh-baked creations
  • Pastian’s Bakery – has been running for almost 4 decades providing top-quality bread

Fat City Eats, Treats & Sweets

fresh Bakeries in Albuquerque, NM

Fat City Eats, Treats & Sweets supplies freshly baked and locally inspired baked goods. Their hospitality and care for all their clients have been honed over their years of service. Furthermore, they are available 24/7 to assure product availability to all their customers. They accept provide pre-orders for all types of purposes and occasions. Their bakery is a local favorite and is a must-stop for locals.

They have signature selections that are certified must-try products. These include sweet croissant rolls, danish sweets, and coffee cakes. Additionally, they serve pistachio muffins, cookies, and sandwiches.

Products/ Services:

cakes, bread, candies


Address: 5200 Eubank Blvd NE b2, Albuquerque, NM 87111
Phone: (505) 737-2135
Website: fatcityets.com


”Great place, odd hours but family owned and operated. I believe the walk up window is open some days. Check their website. Its amazing that during a pandemic this place has held it’s spot in one of the most expensive shopping centers in town, so that goes to show you they must have a huge customer base, or be privately funded through outside sources of income, nevertheless it is a local business so support local, and it’s in loving memory of Uncle Duke and Grandpa Dave that this place is blessed with love and confections.” – M.D. “Skelly” Waite

The Burque Bakehouse

creative Bakeries in Albuquerque, NM

The Burque Bakehouse offers sweets, pastries, and pies on a whole new level. With their experience exceeding over a decade, they have been actively experimenting their goods. Moreover, their bakehouse is spacious and can accommodate over 100 customers daily. They are sure to please every unique tastebud. Additionally, they are available for pick-ups and deliveries.

Their assortment of freshly baked pastries and cupcakes offers a wide variety. Furthermore, this includes pineapple pies, cinnamon rolls, and bread slices. In addition, they even have selections of cruffins, plum danish, and sourdoughs.

Products/ Services:

bread, cupcakes, bakery


Address: 640 Broadway Blvd SE, Albuquerque, NM 8710
Phone: (505) 234-6294
Website: burquebakehouse.com


”The best pastries around. Staple and seasonal offerings. Whether you could qualify for Great British Bake-off or only just learned what a cruffin is, guaranteed to have something you’ll enjoy.The green chili croissant is amazing. I bought one, had one bite, and went back and bought another! Super nice service. And also everything is delicious!” – Ryan Coogan

Ihatov Bread and Coffee

preferred Bakeries in Albuquerque, NM

Ihatov Bread and Coffee proudly provides fresh and delicious pastry with the perfect cup of coffee. It is a cafe that has a homey and relaxing vibe serving every customer with delectable dishes. Furthermore, they make sure that every customer is served only fresh food. They have selections of baked god for breakfasts and for all occasions. In addition, they are a local favorite cafe serving French-pressed coffee at affordable prices.

True to their aim, their bakers create a large array of pasty selections. Their baked goods menu includes croissants, banana muffins, and puff pastry. Moreover, they have various flavors to choose from. Some of them are chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

Products/ Services:

lattes, coffee, bread, puff pastry, bakery


Address: 3400 Central Ave SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106
Phone: (505) 539-5445
Website: ihatov.us


”Super fresh breads, enough said! Loved the Pear Pepper and the Potato loaf. So dang good! Highly recommend. Great local bread and coffee shop in Nob Hill….relaxing and friendly. Great Americano and Almond Croissant…will definitely buy a loaf or two next time.” – Brendan Housler

BitterSweets Bakery

Bakeries in Albuquerque, NM

BitterSweets Bakery is an all-scratch artisan bakery ensuring fresh-baked creations. They believe that each cake they bake and decorate is special and unique. They are a gourmet private label bakery providing high-quality pastries and confections. Furthermore, they never compromise the quality of every creation they lovingly make every day. They assure that everything they bake is designed per their client’s order specifications.

They feature specially baked goods created with love and devotion from their bakes. Their food selection includes gluten-free cakes, pies, and specialty cakes. Also, they offer amazing cupcakes and delicious vegan pies.

Products/ Services:

cakes, pastry, bakery


Address: 9401-A, Golf Course Rd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114
Phone: (505) 899-3018
Website: bittersweetsnm.com


”Bought a birthday cake for my father-in-law, we sent in photos of one I wanted her to replicate (Tree stump with an axe on top). It turned out great and was the best tasting cake/buttercream frosting I’ve ever bought from a bakery. I’ve gone back for cupcakes multiple times (there’s so many flavors to choose from) and more times than I’d like to admit for the homemade marshmallows. Be careful because once you’ve had them you won’t eat store bought again!” – Yeida Anderson

Pastian’s Bakery

affordable Bakeries in Albuquerque, NM

Pastian’s Bakery has been running for almost 4 decades providing top-quality bread selections. Their bakery has excellence as their standard and strives every day to maintain their reputation. Moreover, they are a family-owned and operated bakery. They have loyal customer trusting them that their orders are right and is delivered on time. In addition, they give personalized service in every order that comes.

The bakery features a large selection of freshly baked goods. Furthermore, this includes quality bread, rolls, and delectable pies. Also, they have wholesale biscuits, ginger rolls, and fresh sandwiches.

Products/ Services:

donuts, bread, munchkins


Address: 3320 2nd St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107
Phone: (505) 345-7773
Website: pastiansbakery.com


”There’s plenty of selection of sweets and breads. The day-olds are $0.50! Get a high quality loaf of bread, or eight rolls, for example, for $0.50. That’s so exciting. There’s plenty of cookies, doughnuts, and your expected variety of pastries, but they also sell whole pies. Everything has an authentic taste and is made to look lovely. Go here! But wait for me to get in first because once this secret is out they’ll be sold out constantly.” – Thomas Franich