5 Best Bagel Shops in Baltimore, MD

Best Bagel Shops in Baltimore

Below is a list of the top and leading Bagel Shops in Baltimore. To help you find the best Bagel Shops located near you in Baltimore, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Baltimore’s Best Bagel Shops:

The top rated Bagel Shops in Baltimore, MD are:

  • Bottoms Up Bagels – is a Baltimore-stationed small-stack bagel shop
  • Einstein Bros. Bagels – apply the best ingredients to produce the most inspiring flavors
  • Au Bon Pain – have pride in being a gourmet convenience where you reside and function that provides good bread as the foundation of their market
  • Charmington’s – started as a worker-proprietary co-op in the fall of 2010
  • Van Gough Cafe – is the idea of Mindy Alezra, who bought the 150-year-old structure in Historic Fells Point

Bottoms Up BagelsBagel Shops in Baltimore

Bottoms Up Bagels is a Baltimore-stationed small-stack bagel shop, preparing hand-crafted, true NJ-style bagels, house-preserved lox, and peculiarity cream cheeses. Motivated by practices of bagel-making goes back to the 1940s, these Jersey ladies established BUB in 2015, 1 decade after forming Charm City home. Bottoms Up Bagels carry classic flavors to longstanding citizens and transplants alike.

They believe in society and that the interchange of a lovingly ready meal and enthusiastic service is the more meaningful of gifts. They serve meals the way they love to eat them and the way they would get ready for you in their house. Tour their brick and mortar at 2731 Greenmount Ave. 21218, order from them straight, or find their goods at neighborhood markets, pop-up events, and cafes and restaurants near you.


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Address: 2731 Greenmount Ave, Baltimore, MD 21218
Phone: (443) 429 0402
Website: www.bottomsupbagels.com


These are some of the finest bagels I’ve eaten, and yes I’ve been to the big places in New York. The lox is delicious. AND they get use to Dear Globe coffee, which is very local and fantastic. Cute little courtyard for outdoor dining.” – Cameron W.

Einstein Bros. BagelsTop Bagel Shops in Baltimore

Einstein Bros. Bagels trust in the bagel. They believe it has the capacity to do great things—giving you a purpose to await morning office sessions or an afternoon getaway or even the pure joy of a shmear mustache on your child’s face. It’s why they come to the shop at 2 am each day and bake fresh bagels every 4 hours, so their bagels are as fresh and tasty as possible.

It’s why they merely apply the best ingredients to produce the most inspiring flavors. It’s why they do all possible to cause your day that whole lot better. To extend a little lot of joy and happiness across the globe. To giggle, smile, and appreciate each other’s company that far more. And to them, there’s no better manner to do that than with the bagel.


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Address: 600 N Wolfe St #CMSC-1, Baltimore, MD 21287
Phone: (410) 955 6302
Website: www.locations.einsteinbros.com


“Einstein Bros is a fresh food bagel & soup eatery in a Johns Hopkins (JH) cafeteria off of the hospital’s Main Concourse. It is 1 of my regular go-to food spots on the days I have to spend basically my entire day at JH for medical appts. I’ve been eating from Einstein Bros for several years, & Einstein Bros’ tasty food & good customer service is why it’s my most frequent food stop at JH. & I readily admit that I am not the easiest order giver & that I require more patience than is generally needed for the average takeout/eatery customer, but none of the cashiers at Einstein Bros have ever acted frustrated, mad, or put upon, even when the line is long.” – Wellness T.

Au Bon PainBagel Shops Baltimore

Au Bon Pain means, “from good bread.” Good bread is the base of good food. It is essential to a handmade sandwich, the core of a sweet pastry, and the best method to twist a soup or salad into a meal. They have pride in being a gourmet convenience where you reside and function that provides good bread as the foundation of their market. They’re not there to let you know what’s salubrious to eat, that’s your option.

From tasty meals to pleasing snacks or healthy treats, food should all the time tastes good, no matter if that choice is lenient or healthful; because life is about balance. A wholesome, tasty, balance. Au Bon Pain: From Good Bread.


Bagels, Croissants, Cookies, Muffins, Salads, & More


Address: 22 S Greene St, Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: (410) 685 1976
Website: www.aubonpain.com


“A wonderful and friendly cafe. When in the area, I look forward to eating a quick bite here. All of the servers are so nice. Quite a variety for a hospital eatery and a cheerful atmosphere.” – Jorja M.

Charmington’sGood Bagel Shops in Baltimore

Charmington’s was started as a worker-proprietary co-op in the fall of 2010. Managing the shop took more personnel than the first group of worker-owners could offer, so they employed non-owner personnel. Some of the personnel merged the collective as associates and some of the associates transferred on to other projects or different cities.

Plenty of their valued workers wish to work in the cafe, but they don’t wish to, like, be the cafe, and they get that. Currently, Dan Scott, Cara Dudzic, and Amanda Rothschild are working worker-proprietors who live and die by coffee, lunch, and catering.


Breakfast, Lunch, Order Online, Dine-In, Gift Cards, & More


Address: 2601 N Howard St, Baltimore, MD 21218
Phone: (410) 235 5004
Website: www.charmingtons.com


“Great coffee shop offering sandwiches, bagels, and pastries. The staff is super friendly. Offers plenty of vegan and vegetarian options too! Sells tickets to shows at the Ottobar too.” – Robert C.

Van Gough CafeOne of the best Bagel Shops in Baltimore

Van Gough Cafe is the idea of Mindy Alezra, who bought the 150-year-old structure in Historic Fells Point. They are special, as the first kosher, dine-in family-run eatery in downtown Baltimore. They make an epicurean variety of caffeine drinks and bring Baltimore’s well-known Goldbergs bagels, collected fresh every day from Pikesville.

Van Gough Cafe is one of Baltimore’s latest kosher eateries, providing tasty, not heavy breakfast and lunch food at a reasonable price. Moreover, to its classic favorites, panini’s and sandwiches, they also provide conventional Jewish food like falafel and knishes. Vegetarian and vegan food is accessible too.


Bagels, Panini, Sandwiches, Icecream, Coffee, & More


Address: 300 S Ann St, Baltimore, MD 21231
Phone: (410) 558 1958
Website: www.vangoughcafe.com


“At the moment you come to that restaurant they give you a pleasant feeling. Very warm staff, it is a lovely place to go out with your friends or with your date. delicious food, experienced chief cook and stuff, competitive cost, and generous service. Highly recommended.” – Gannon A.