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5 Best Bagel Shops in Bakersfield, CA

Below is a list of the top and leading Bagel Shops in Bakersfield. To help you find the best Bagel Shops located near you in Bakersfield, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Bakersfield’s Best Bagel Shops: 

The top-rated Bagel Shops in Bakersfield, CA are:

  • Bagels & Blenderz – personally bakes all the bagels it offers daily
  • Dunkin’ – America’s favorite all-day everyday stop for coffee and breakfast favorites
  • Dagny’s Coffee Co – has been the meeting hub for locals and travelers for many years
  • Yum Yum Donuts – serves great-tasting bagels and donuts at the best prices
  • Blue Oak Coffee Roasting – founded to deliver high-quality bagels with premium coffee roasts

Bagels & Blenderzfresh Bagel Shops in Bakersfield, CA

Bagels & Blenderz personally bakes all the bagels it offers daily. With love for both the sweet and the savory, they offer a variety of freshly prepared bagels every morning. The team has also been baking for the community for over 25 years. In addition, they have over 12 premium flavors for all small and large sizes. Their inclusive menu features selections for vegans and vegetarians. They also believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Furthermore, they serve each customer with careful attention.

They offer a wide selection of classic bagels, fruit blends, and light dishes. Moreover, they serve bagels, cream cheese bagels, and garlic bagels. They also serve paninis, salads, and sweets.

Products/ Services:

bagel shop, bagels, sandwiches


Address: 8200 Stockdale Hwy Suite # K1 & K2, Bakersfield, CA 93311
Phone: (661) 833-6644
Website: bagelsandblenderz.com


”They have fresh and yummy bagels at surprisingly low prices. It’s all a great value and their menu is pretty large for a bagel place. I had an everything with cream cheese and my wife had the Cali bagel. Both were bomb. Definitely the place to go for your morning fix.” – Andrew Jaru


affordable Bagel Shops in Bakersfield, CA

Dunkin’ is America’s favorite all-day everyday stop for coffee and breakfast favorites. As the world’s leading baked goods and coffee chain, they serve over a million customers each day. They also take pride in being able to provide over 50 varieties of donuts daily. Moreover, the team personally brews premium beverages to fit the cravings of their customers. In addition, they have the perfect breakfast and snacking needs selections.

They provide a broad range of premier donut and bagel products. These include breakfast bagels, sweet fingers, and donuts. Furthermore, they also serve chocolate scones and coffee.

Products/ Services:

coffee, bagel shop


Address: 1800 23rd St D, Bakersfield, CA 93301
Phone: (661) 493-0183
Website: dunkindonuts.com


”Beyond that, the coffee was good. My wife loved her avocado toast and the snacking bacon was off the charts delicious.” – Daniel

Dagny’s Coffee Coamazing Bagel Shops in Bakersfield, CA

Dagny’s Coffee Co has been the meeting hub for locals and travelers for many years. The shop is home to specialty drinks served to a very diverse crowd. Moreover, they are a locally owned and operated coffee house presenting tasty drinks and quality bagels. In addition, they take pride in being the go-to place for all coffee and bagel needs. The shop was founded back in 1990 and has been serving arrays of delicious food and drinks.

They provide a wide range of fresh and made-to-order coffee brews and food. These include scones, English cookies, and breakfast bagels. Furthermore, they also serve freshly brewed coffee and lattes.

Products/ Services:

bagels, bagel shop, club sandwich


Address: 1600 20th St #3902, Bakersfield, CA 93301
Phone: (661) 634-0806
Website: dagnyscoffee.com


“Good people good atmosphere. Good coffee good drinks 🙂 good people and good talk good place to spend some time if you’re downtown I recommend it.” – Robert Singleton

Yum Yum Donuts

impressive Bagel Shops in Bakersfield, CA

Yum Yum Donuts serves great-tasting bagels and donuts at the best prices. The shop is home to over 50 years of experience in the industry ever since opening back in 1971. Furthermore, they are the first shop to deliver a variety of donuts and bagels served at one store. They also offer each dish a full and fresh nutritional value. With fresh ingredients, they bring only the best in the industry. In addition, the team places an endless amount of time and effort to provide the best bagels.

The shop offers a large selection of tasty sweets selections. Moreover, they have buttermilk bars, maple bars, and bagels. They also have cakes, coffees, and vanilla sticks.

Products/ Services:

iced coffee, latte, bagel shop


Address: 100 Brundage Ln, Bakersfield, CA 93304
Phone: (661) 326-9376
Website: yumyumdonuts.com


”Been here once and I am not a fan of the outside location but the donuts are in fact YUM YUM lol I can’t wait to go again!” – Amanda Stephaniee

Blue Oak Coffee Roastingtasty Bagel Shops in Bakersfield, CA

Blue Oak Coffee Roasting was founded to deliver high-quality bagels with premium coffee roasts. The beans are directly imported and roasted to order to provide customers only the best of their morning coffee. In addition, the shop takes pride in offering a fresh and tasty alternative to industrialized food. From bagels to sandwiches to coffee, they deliver fresh and personally selected breakfast favorites. Furthermore, their goal is to make the best out of every dining experience with their clients.

They serve a variety of in-house-made bagels and coffee roasts. Moreover, these include peanut bagels, sesame bagels, and powdered bagels. They also serve fully roasted coffee grounds and Americano drinks.

Products/ Services:

bagel shop, bagel, coffee


Address: 1717 20th St, Bakersfield, CA 93301
Phone: (661) 489-5454
Website: blueoakcoffee.com


”Heard about this coffee spot, went to try it out and they did not disappoint!! Our drinks were made good and it was a pumpkin drink! So delicious! The bakery was bomb too! Very good customer service! They have handmade soaps and other products! I highly recommend this spot!!” – Rocky Garcia