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5 Best Art Class in Boston, MA

Below is a list of the top and leading Art Class in Boston, MA. To help you find the best Art Class located near you in Boston, MA, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Boston, MA’s Best Art Class:

The top-rated Art Class in Boston, MA are:

  • Art School 99 – where paint and ideas mix really well.
  • Plein-Air Art Academy – online and in-person art classes for children and adults.
  • The Eliot School of Fine & Applied Arts – inspires lifelong learning in craft and creativity.
  • Muckykids Art Studio – offers flexible drop-in studio times for kids of all ages.
  • Massachusetts College of Art and Design – Our academic and co-curricular programs prepare artists to shape communities for the common good.

Art School 99

5 Best Art Class in Boston, MA

Art School 99 is a respected art school in Massachusetts that opened in 2009 and has special programs and classes catered to students who want to study art. This art school offers art classes that will teach and grow student’s creativity and artistry. Art School 99 caters to both young and old students who want to discover their artistic potential. They offer basic art classes to advanced ones like their color theory classes. Their art instructors are among Massachusetts’ most creative and artistic artists and will teach each student the importance of art and creativity in their lives. If you are looking for an art class that will surely stimulate your creative juices, Art School 99 is an excellent choice in Massachusetts.

Art classes, events, seminars, adult classes, art materials

Address: 86 Joy St #37, Somerville, MA 02143
Phone: (651) 245-9710
Website: artschool99somerville.com

I have been going here for a while now. I am much more confident in painting and look forward to my classes with Alexandra. The atmosphere is relaxed, really helpful, and non-judgmental. I would recommend this for anyone beginner or otherwise. – Elizabeth Frazier

Plein-Air Art Academy

The Best Art Class in Boston, MA

Plein-Air Art Academy is an award-winning art school in Boston that has been named as the best art school for kid’s classes. Opened in 2012, this art school has rapidly grown into one of the most popular art schools in Massachusetts. Plein-Air Art Academy offers art classes for all ages and experiences. They have a variety of art programs that focuses on art history, media, and more. Their art instructors are artists from a variety of practices that will help students understand and appreciate art more. If you are in or around Boston and would like to enroll yourself or your child in an art program, the Plein-Air Art Academy is a great choice.

Virtual classes, curriculum for kids, curriculum for adults, birthday parties, summer camp

Address: 320 Washington St. Ste 215 Boston, MA 02135
Phone: (617) 407-3858
Website: plein-air-academy.com

Diana has her wonderfully subtle and not-so-subtle ways to get people out of the box and out of their comfort zone. As a result, expect the unexpected. – Irina Sigalovsky

The Eliot School of Fine & Applied Arts

Best Art Class in Boston, MA

The Eliot School of Fine & Applied Arts is one of the oldest art institutions in the entire United States, being established in 1676. Their school was built in 1832 and the institution has remained as one of the country’s best art institutions. The Eliot School of Fine & Applied Arts offers a variety of art programs like painting, drawing, furniture design, woodworking, photography, and more. The art instructors at ESFAA are experienced and veteran artists known for their high-level skills, friendliness, passion, and personal attention. These art instructors will make sure each student gets the attention they need to fully understand and appreciate art at all of its levels.

School and community partnerships, teen bridge, artists in residence, professional development, events

Address: 24 Eliot St, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Phone: (617) 524-3313
Website: eliotschool.org

Love this school; it’s great for adults and children. If you are able to take a class here, you will not be disappointed. – Janaki Smith

Muckykids Art Studio

Boston, MA Best Art Class

Muckykids Art Studio offers a variety of art programs to students both young and old. This art school offers flexible times for students of all ages. Their programs include summer programs, drop-in studios, and art programs for adults. This art school also hosts parties for those looking for a more creative and artistic venue. Muckykids Art Studio has a team of talented, passionate, experienced, and professional artists that will provide each student the attention they need. They will teach their students the importance, meaning, and layers of art that students will appreciate. Want to enroll your child in a good art program? Muckykids Art Studio might just be the art school for you.

Art exploration, fiber, and wood, thread stitch and weave, summer program, drop-in studio, adult art nights

Address: 2404 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140
Phone: (617) 354-0540
Website: muckykids.com

Muckykids is truly one of the most spectacular places to bring your child(ren). Not only is it a space that allows children to explore art, but it allows them to do it at their own pace and comfort level. I’m sure you’ll find it as wonderful as I do and perhaps enroll your child in a class or celebrate a birthday there! –

Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Boston, MA's Best Art Class

Massachusetts College of Art and Design stands as the United States’ very first independent public educational institution dedicated to art and design. This fine arts college is also the first educational institution to grant students an art degree in the country. Massachusetts College of Art and Design was founded in 1873 and has since maintained its status as one of the best art institutions in the country. Their art programs are among the best in the country and their faculty are made up of the country’s best and most talented artists. So, if you yourself or your child are looking to enroll in an established and respected art program, MassArt is arguably one of the best schools in the entire United States.

Undergraduate programs, graduate programs, certificate programs

Address: 621 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115
Phone: (617) 879-7000
Website: massart.edu

Never went to school there, but the facilities and student passion are what made me drop out of engineering school. Definitely on my application list. – Jason Lund