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5 Best Art Class in Anaheim, CA

Below is a list of the top and leading Art Class in Anaheim, CA. To help you find the best Art Class located near you in Anaheim, CA, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Anaheim, CA’s Best Art Class:

The top-rated Art Class in Anaheim, CA are:

  • Mission: Renaissance – we can help you achieve your goals as an artist if you want to learn how to draw and paint.
  • Young’s Art Studio – can help you turn your talent and energy into a career that lets you shape the future.
  • Mission Art Center – we are dedicated to giving our students the finest art instruction available.
  • Little Da Vinci Art Studio – an art studio for pre-schoolers, and elementary and middle school students.
  • Art Academics – learn techniques in drawing, painting, and creativity in our studio or at home.

Mission: Renaissance

5 Best Art Class in Anaheim, CA

Mission: Renaissance has been one of the top art institutions in California for nearly 50 years. This art school offers excellent fine art education. Mission: Renaissance offers a safe and nurturing environment for art students to thrive. They offer classes for adults, and kids, and also offer fine arts classes. For those who opt to not be on campus, you can go with their virtual classes. They have a roster of highly trained and experienced art teachers. These art teachers work closely with each student as they get better at their craft. Are you looking to enroll your child or yourself in an art class? Mission: Renaissance is one of Anaheim’s best destinations for art classes.

Adult art classes, children’s art classes, virtual art classes, fine art camps

Address: 5761-A E Santa Ana Canyon Rd, Anaheim, CA 92807
Phone: (800) 430-4278
Website: fineartclasses.com

My kids love taking art classes. They are great with kids of all ages and supportive of their students. I highly recommend Mission: Renaissance Fine Art Classes and their staff. – Veronica Sandoval

Young’s Art Studio

The Best Art Class in Anaheim, CA

Young’s Art Studio helps students harness their artistic talents and bring them out. This art class offers the training you need to nurture and develop your artistic creativity. Young’s Art Studio opened in 1996 and has since become a prime destination for people wanting to try the fine arts. For nearly 30 years, this art studio has helped many students grow into the artists they were meant to be. Their staff is very meticulous and crafty when it comes to their students. They provide comprehensive lessons and help students find the appropriate colleges for them. Looking for a good art class in Anaheim? Check out Young’s Art Studio today for its dedication and excellence.

Art classes, painting

Address: 510 N Magnolia Ave, Anaheim, CA 92801
Phone: (714) 443-3333
Website: youngsarts.com

Helped me get up on my feet with art. The teachers are amazing and patient. They spend time with students to properly assist them. 10/10 recommend. – Victor Lee

Mission Art Center

Best Art Class in Anaheim, CA

Mission Art Center is one of the best art schools in Orange County. This art school caters to both children and adults. Mission Art Center offers a variety of art programs that might suit your fancy. This includes acrylic painting, oil painting, pencil drawing, pastel drawing, watercolor, and summer camps. These programs have varying difficulty levels. This includes beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes for these classes. The faculty is made up of talented and experienced artists. These art instructors are very supportive, patient, and nurturing. They work closely with students and provide them with the guidance they need. Looking for a great art class? Fullerton’s Mission Art Center is a top-tier pick.

Summer camp, acrylic painting, oil painting, pastel drawing, pencil drawing, watercolor

Address: 1730 N Tustin St, Orange, CA 92865
Phone: (888) 702-5277
Website: missionartcenter.com

Mission Art Center is an excellent art school in the city of Orange, California. Both of my kids learned how to draw and paint in a short time. My youngest loves the class and she is returning after spring break. Shabnam and her staff (instructors) are doing a great job. – Shawn Nejad

Little Da Vinci Art Studio

Anaheim, CA Best Art Class

Little Da Vinci Art Studio is an art school that doesn’t just cater to traditional art. This art school also dabbles in the more scientific side of art. Little Da Vinci Art Studio will help students soar with their imagination and creativity. Their programs will help students explore the many great experiences you can have. They learn about their creativity and dabble in various art materials. The art instructors offer top-quality instruction and guidance. They are professional artists who are passionate about spreading the beauty of the arts. Classes range from art classes to adult classes, and robotics. Are you planning to sign up for an art class in Orange County? Drop by Little Da Vinci Art Studio’s website for more details about their classes.

Art classes, robotics, adult classes

Address: 1343 W Valencia Dr. STE A, Fullerton, CA 92833
Phone: (714) 615-0684
Website: littledavincistudio.com

This studio is simply the best. The teachers do care about the students. My son’s art skills improved a lot thanks to Ms. Connie. If you want your kid to be in OCSA, this is the place! – MinGhee Lee

Art Academics

Anaheim, CA's Best Art Class

Art Academics strives to help people unlock their creative potential. This art class will help you learn the proper techniques for drawing, painting, and outright creativity. Art Academics abides by the belief that art makes daily life more fulfilling. Everyone has a creative spirit and they can help you bring it out. Classes are waitlisted so you need to be alert when they open slots up. They have art instructors that are supportive, caring, and passionate about teaching. These art instructors are creatives that also want to spread the beauty and joy of artistic ventures. Do you plan on learning how to draw or paint? Let Art Academics help you jumpstart your journey towards the fine arts.

Drawing, painting

Address: 515 W Commonwealth Ave Ste 209, Fullerton, CA 92832
Phone: (714) 681-6754
Website: artacademics.com

We love the Art Academics! They offer art classes from age of 6 and up. All kinds of technics and types of art are taught. My daughter (age 5) is enjoying it very much. Art gives her the freedom to express herself thru art. Can’t wait to see my daughter’s work with the help of Art Academics!! – Victor Terrone