5 Best Arborists in New Orleans, LA

Best Arborists in New Orleans, LA

Below is a list of the top and leading Arborists in New Orleans. To help you find the best Arborists located near you in New Orleans, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

New Orleans’ Best Arborists: 

The top-rated Arborists in New Orleans, LA are:

  • A Perfect Cut – provides superior tree care services using the best equipment
  • Bliss Tree Service – features affordable and professional tree service
  • Benton Tree Service – has a great team of arborist experts committed to its clients
  • Bayou Tree Service Inc –  premier tree preservation firm in the city
  • Hank’s Stump Grinding LLC – specializes in stump and arbor services

A Perfect Cut Tree Service

friendly Arborists in New Orleans, LA

A Perfect Cut provides superior tree care services using the best equipment. Their primary concern is tree preservation, tree maintenance, and the overall health of each tree. They ensure to have their customer’s best interest at heart. Furthermore, they have a non-invasive approach to tree maintenance. The team continuously updates and trains all their staff regularly.

They pride themselves in offering a wide variety of arboricultural services. These include tree trimming, tree preservation, and pruning. Moreover, they have tree removal and stump removal services.

Products/ Services:

arborists, tree trimming


Address: 3436 Magazine St STE 425, New Orleans, LA 70115
Phone: (504) 732-0779
Website: aperfectcuttree.com


”Satisfied customer here with A Perfect Cut Tree in New Orleans. I had them remove our dying maple tree out back as my husband and I were planning to plant new Elm trees. They did their job safely and quickly and I have no complaints.” – Harrison Daniel

Bliss Tree Service

affordable Arborists in New Orleans, LABliss Tree Service features affordable and professional tree services. The company is a locally owned and operated tree-specialized company. Moreover, they have licensed arborists and experienced staff working for every customer efficiently. Their services are all made to impress clients with their efficiency and speed. They strive for continuous professionalism and safety with every project. In addition, they only use state-of-the-art machinery.

The company provides complete tree treatment services. Furthermore, they offer tree removal, tree reduction, and tree shaping. They also have tree pruning and cane removal. They ensure that the property is cleaned after every service.

Products/ Services:

landscaping, arborists, cane removal


Address: 45 Delachaise St, New Orleans, LA 70115
Phone: (504) 256-1301
Website: blisstreeservices.com


”Bliss Tree Service removed a storm damaged maple from my backyard. My calls were quickly returned. I received an estimate the same day. Communication about weather, schedule changes and the work itself were all outstanding. ” – Anne Worden

Benton Tree Service

Benton Tree Service New Orleans, LA

Benton Tree Service has a great team of arborist experts providing comprehensive tree care services. They have more than 3 decades of experience in the industry. Their team of arborists aims to provide the best tree service concerning local greenspaces. Furthermore, the company is licensed, insured, and fully bonded. They aim to educate local clients on how trees affect each property and project.

Their services cover all areas of industrial, residential, and commercial tree needs. Moreover, they have trimming, pruning, and stump removal services. They also provide tree transferring and root barriers.

Products/ Services:

trimming, pruning, arborists


Address: 1717 Hollygrove St, New Orleans, LA 70118
Phone: (504) 323-5533
Website: bentontreeservice.com


“They were very friendly and had an excellent team. I was impressed that they were able to get to our job expediently. They were also very diligent to save pieces of the tree for me to craft with. Highly recommend. The owner was also sympathetic that I was sad to see my tree go.” – Georgianna Forrest

Bayou Tree Service Inc

Bayou Tree Service Inc New Orleans, LA

Bayou Tree Service Inc is a premier tree preservation firm in the city. They have been dedicated to the care and preservation of all trees since 1980. The company is also a full-service arborist company that has mastered different tree techniques. Furthermore, their goal is to ensure dedicated and personalized services. They also have friendly and dependable staff working on every tree. In addition, they are experienced in assessing the needs of each tree.

They specialize in commercial and residential tree services. Furthermore, these include tree preservation, pruning, and tree landscaping. They also have tree care and mulching services.

Products/ Services:

pruning, arborists, landscaping


Address: 264 Industrial Ave, New Orleans, LA 70121
Phone: (504) 837-8733
Website: bayoutree.com


”I had massive termite damage and live termites in a large water oak tree. Ot was dying and hadn’t produced acorns in a few years. Bayou saved my tree. They treated it, gave it nutrients and trimmed it. 6 months later, it grew back beautifully. They checked it periodically for a year. It’s full and lush now.” – Sue Ceravolo

Hank’s Stump Grinding LLC

reliable Arborists in New Orleans, LA

Hank’s Stump Grinding LLC specializes in delivering customized stump and arbor services. They have been in the industry for 12 years and counting. Furthermore, they have machines capable of suiting whatever needs their clients may have. The company guarantees its clients the best arbor service possible. Their services rank one of the best in industry and they guarantee to meet every expectation.

The company provides a large selection of tree cutting and stump removal services. Moreover, these include stump grinding, stump removal, and cypress knee removal. They also provide job site preparation services.

Products/ Services:

tree cutting, arborists


Address: 311 Pelican Ave, New Orleans, LA 70114,
Phone: (504) 858-5045
Website: stumpgrindinglouisiana.com


”Hank’s was a great company to work with. They returned my call outside of normal business hours, beat other companies pricing, and came when they said they would. The job was done on time and they cleaned up quickly. The crew was friendly and professional. I would recommend it to anyone. They were honest and upfront with their pricing, with no run around. Will use again if needed.” – Kelly Latham