5 Best and Top-Rated Interior Designers in Columbus 🥇

Best Interior Designers in Columbus

Below is a list of the top and leading Interior Designers in Columbus. To help you find the best interior designers located near you in Columbus, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Columbus’ Best Interior Designers:

The top-rated Interior Designers in Columbus are:

  • Birdie Brennan Custom Closets & Organizing – offers interior designing with a closet installation made solely by them.
  • Accent Staging and Design – designs with the latest trends and colors that will surely match your taste.
  • WSA Studio – a firm that does everything step-by-step together with you and sends updates in every progress.
  • M+A Architects – a reputable architectural firm in Columbus that already exists for nearly four decades.
  • Sidecar Creatives – specializes in developing and evolving world-class brands and commercial interiors.

Birdie Brennan Custom Closets & Organizing

Columbus best interior designer

Birdie Brennan Custom Closets & Organizing focus more on designing the interior with customized closets that are made by them and implement organizational systems and custom closet solutions as they work on the processes of designing your dream room. They will send a staff to work with you one-on-one and will help you along the way as you decide on which design is better that would fit your lifestyle and storage needs. Their pricing for the design of the interior and installation of closets is known to be good and can compete with other companies since they offer a fairly good price.


Address: 250 W Spring St #614, Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: (614) 297 1550
Website: getorganizedcolumbus.com


“John Brennan is great! He always provides excellent quality and designs that fit the needs of the customer. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to better organize their closets, pantry, laundry room, etc. Exceptional work and attention to detail.” – Che Arosemena

Accent Staging and Design

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Accent Staging and Design is handled by the owner Heidy and is hands-on with her projects. Her approachable personality gives her and her company a reputation of making the design process fun and collaborative with is proven by her clients. She comes up with beautiful outcomes and solutions due to her keen eye for design trends and colors that matches her client’s personal taste and living conditions. Her great taste matched with practicality by making use of the existing items of her clients makes her designs budget-friendly too.


Address: E Beck St, Columbus, Ohio 43206
Phone: (614) 570 0646
Website: accentstaging.com


“I had a very good experience working with Accent Staging. Heidi took the space as given, and helped me create a home environment that matched my aesthetic and aversion to “stuffy”. I’d recommend Heidi to others looking for professional designing assistance.” – Kevin Scott

WSA Studio

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WSA Studio follows a step-by-step process when it comes to planning and designing every project they handle with in-depth planning and research to make sure that the project is a success. They promise to guide and involve their clients in everything and provide them with progress reports in every step to keep them updated until the final documentation. They do this for a smoother transaction and to avoid future disagreements and major changes once they already start the construction stage. Their assistance does not end in the planning, designing, and constructing process, they will also conduct a post-occupancy review to make sure that their clients are satisfied with their work.


Address: 982 S Front St, Columbus, OH 43206
Phone: (614) 824 1633
Website: wsastudio.com


“Delicious, simply put.” – Booka Leore

M+A Architects

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M+A Architects is a reputable architecture firm that exists for nearly four decades known for its reliable and collaborative work with its clients. They are also notable for their designs that do not only focus on the wants of their clients because M+A Architects also seek to enhance communities and elevate human experiences. Their goal is to give a well-designed interior space that will reflect their client’s lifestyle and personality, and showcase the identity of the building, whether it’s about the culture of the place or its usage, to the users and visitors of the said building. Their designs are known to begin from the ‘inside out’—believing that interior design should extend and be part of the building’s architectural concept with the different combinations of space planning, lighting, color, materials, and furnishings.


Address: 775 Yard St Suite 325, Columbus, OH 43212
Phone: (614) 764 0407
Website: ma-architects.com


“I’ve been to M +A Architects many times for business coaching meetings, and as soon as you walk in you understand why this company has become the standard in business improvement. They do everything right from culture to engagement, innovation to advancement. M + A is the standard for how you run and do business nit just architecture.” – Nate Traucht

Sidecar Creatives

Columbus' one of the best interior designer

Sidecar Creatives specializes in the development and evolution of world-class brands and commercial interiors that match brand aesthetics with effectiveness. They do not just simply design your interior space but they also make sure to do research and study each of the space users to match their preferences and movements within the space. Sidecar is known as the duo that’s both artistic, wise, and business-minded that’s why they are the go-to interior firm for commercial spaces. One of the reasons why business owners love them is because they surely know how to promote your space and make it effective for users and visitors to would want to keep coming back to your place.


Address: 689 Parsons Ave, Columbus, OH 43206
Phone: (614) 270 9924
Website: sidecarcreatives.com


“Sidecar focused on reinforcing my comfort with the process and satisfaction with the project direction. They redirect my energies when necessary and deliver a brand guide I cannot wait to implement. This duo is artistic, wise, and business-minded. I am so grateful for their hard work and commitment to getting it right!” – Berlyn Martin