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Beauty industry forerunner Maya Darwiche continues to dazzle with her expert makeup services

It’s no secret that feeling confident in your looks is a key part of finding happiness. Beauty experts such as Livonia Michigan’s Maya Darwiche know this and strive to develop innovative beauty methods that leave customers thrilled with the way that they look. Having worked hard to build her own business, MD-Esthetics, from the ground up, Darwiche continues to commit to ensuring that her methods of beauty enhancement are unique, effective and impressive.

Darwiche’s success stems first and foremost from a passionate love for makeup and beauty. It is this foundation that is the heart of her business and the methods that she uses to run it effectively. Darwiche understands that it is her job to make her clients look and feel better and that this can be a big responsibility. Her extensive training, which includes 4 international credits, has allowed her to develop unique and exciting techniques that are changing the way in which the beauty industry deliver beauty enhancement services. Based off of Darwiche’s research of various emerging techniques from Europe and Asia, MD-Esthetics offers exemplary beauty services.

MD-Esthetics services include:


Microblading is a semi-permanent treatment that takes thinning or lost eyebrows and gives them a fuller look. No matter the reason for eyebrow thinning or loss, microblading can provide a solution and get you back on track to looking and feeling like your best self.

Scalp micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation is essentially a hair tattoo that gives the illusion of a buzz cut. Popular with men predominantly, this treatment gives your hair a fuller look and can also conceal scars from hair transplantation.

Semi-permanent eyeliner

Eyeliner micropigmentation is a semi-permanent treatment. This treatment creates the look of thicker lashes and enhances your eyes by drawing an eyeliner tattoo between the natural lashes.

Eyebrow shading

Eyebrow shading can be done as a standalone treatment or in combination with microblading. This treatment creates a subtle eyebrow color and is recommended to those who have minimal or no brow hair.

Keratin lash lift

Lash lifting has quickly become one of the most sought after trends in the beauty industry. The treatment adds more length and volume to your eyelashes by gently curving them upwards. This can be combined with a color tint to give you full and irresistible lashes.

Blush lips

Lip blush enhances your lips with a semi-permanent color. A handheld machine is used to apply a cosmetic pigment and is able to correct irregularities in color to have you feeling like a better you.

MD-Esthetics also offers training courses for anyone who has a passion for beauty. With training in microblading, lash lift and tint and other forms of cosmetic tattooing available, Darwiche is creating an industry of inspired and talented beauty professionals.