Baz Porter Has a Humbling Experience Writing New Book “Using Trauma to Thrive”

Baz Porter

Baz Porter is a motivational speaker and transformational coach who works to guide individuals, corporations, and groups of various sizes on how to strive for their ultimate potential. For those ready to be awakened, Baz’s individual and collective teachings are incredibly impactful and have helped many to become thriving, fearless individuals who can tackle any challenge that life throws at them.

A British Army veteran, Baz suffered from PTSD that clouded his ability to look ahead as he started the next chapter of his life. However, a power within him kept pushing him forward, and Baz realized that he had the special ability to help others to align with their true selves and be who they are meant to be.

Around a year ago, Baz had another revelation that he wanted to put his teachings into writing through a book. Baz admits that creating the book was a humbling experience as he examined his journey thus far and tied his experiences to self-help steps that readers could use.

As a combination of self-help book and memoir, Baz Porter’s upcoming “Using Trauma to Thrive” is a truly unique work that’s set to have a profound impact. Anyone can benefit from reading the book, as Baz has worked hard to make sure that it is accessible and relatable to as many people as possible.

Through the conversational writing style that he employs throughout the book, Baz creates and easy-to-follow, relaxed experienced for readers as he goes through his life story and dishes out meaningful insights that they can apply in their own life journey.

Baz hopes that the book will teach people to be courageous in being proud of who they are and realize the incredible resilience that they possess.

“Using Trauma to Thrive” is going to be released on 12/12/20 and is available for pre-order here.

Baz Porter - Using Trauma to Thrive