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5 Best Bartending Services in LA🥇

Whether you’re hosting a party, a wedding, a function or any other kind of event in LA, it is vital to hire a bar tending service that will provide you and your guests with the highest-quality drinks.

These 5 bartending services are the best in LA and will ensure that your party is stress-free and a night to remember.

Top Rated Bartending Services in Los Angeles:

#1 Party Shakers

Party Shakers are one of the most sought after bar services in LA due to their professional attitude and incomparable knowledge of all sorts of fun drinks. This mobile bartending company has been taking southern California by storm with their unique approach to bartending. They can deliver a pop up bar and full liquor service at any location and will even provide a photo booth with fun props and backdrops for your event. Whether your event is big or small, Party Shakers are ready with the best equipment and expert knowledge of mixology. With the ability to craft any classic cocktail or create new ones with the ingredients available, Party Shakers will provide your LA event with affordable and high-quality bartending services.

#2 Barspirit


Barspirit, specialising in weddings, provide some of the most professional bartending services in Los Angeles. They pride themselves on delivering friendly and expert services to ensure that you don’t have to worry about the drinks at all during your wedding. Offering shopping services to provide you with the alcohol and mixers on top of the bartending, Barspirit take the hassle out of every aspect of organising drinks. Their exceptional services are renowned in the LA wedding scene and they continue to run their bartending services in a seamless and professional way.

#3 Mint Bartending

With a focus on making the organisation of drinks a stress free process for your event, Mint Bartending are an extremely reliable mobile service. Providing an unforgettable experience through their unmatched knowledge of drinks and their friendly customer service, Mint Bartending will ensure that your event is the most talked about of the year. Each of their bartenders has many years of valuable experience and will work hard to provide you and your guests with delicious cocktails and beverages.

#4 Gen-Eric Bartending

Gen-Eric Bartending

Founded in 2019, Gen-Eric Bartending have a focus on team work. This team mentality adopted by the company will ensure that you will be provided with a comfortable and enjoyable experience no matter what your event. You can rely on their friendly bartenders to provide you with all sorts of drinks and ensure that your party runs smoothly. With Gen-Eric Bartending, you can be sure that they will handle the drinks and that you won’t have to stress about bar services.

#5 La’Creays

If you are searching for unique and flavourful drinks, look no further than La’Creays. Their main mission is built on a love for mixing appetizing drinks and a passion for creating memories for you and your party guests. With a range of services that will cater to anyone and any event and the option for the addition of a live DJ package, La’Creays are quickly making a name for themselves in the LA party scene.