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Best Bankruptcy Attorneys in New York

Below is a list of the top and leading Bankruptcy Attorneys in New York. To help you find the best Bankruptcy Attorneys located near you in New York, our team at Kev’s Best put together our own list based on this rating points list

New York’s Best Bankruptcy Attorneys:

The top rated Bankruptcy Attorneys in New York are:

  • Daniel Gershburg – Gershburg Law, P.C.
  • Simon Goldenberg – Law Office of Simon Goldenberg
  • Stephen Z. Starr – Starr & Starr, PLLC
  • Kamilla Mishiyeva – Mishiyeva Law
  • Charles W. Juntikka – Charles Juntikka & Associates, LLP

Gershburg Law, P.C.

Daniel Gershburg - Gershburg Law, P.C.
Daniel Gershburg – Gershburg Law, P.C.

Daniel Gershburg – Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Daniel Gershburg always had an entrepreneurial spirit. After graduating New York Law school, Daniel immediately opened the doors to his own law office, hoping to change the way small attorneys are perceived. Besides being the Owner and President, Daniel is involved in various not for profit and Pro Bono initiatives including the Brooklyn Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Project, and PENCIL.org. He teaches Bankruptcy and Real Estate law for various CLE providers, including LexisNexis, Lawline.com and NACLE.com.


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Real Estate Attorneys, Small Business Attorneys


Address85 Broad St #18, New York, NY 10004
Phone: (212) 390-8866
Website: www.danielgershburg.com


“I worked with Daniel on a Lawline presentation titled “Building a Law Practice Brick by Brick.” Daniel is a great public speaker and a wealth of information for the legal community (oh, and one funny guy!) I have no doubt that he does great work for his clients in both the real estate and bankruptcy arenas.” -Cari Rincker

Law Office of Simon Goldenberg

Simon Goldenberg - Law Office of Simon Goldenberg
Simon Goldenberg – Law Office of Simon Goldenberg

Simon Goldenberg – In his years of practice, he has come to realize that many people have only a basic understanding of the credit and debt system that operates in the United States. Since these are not concepts that are taught in high-school or college, all too often, people must learn about them the hard way – once they are already in trouble. He feels it is his obligation not only to help as many people as possible in resolving their particular issues, but also to educate his client’s along the way.

Regardless of whether you are seeking assistance with a lawsuit, debt reduction, collector harassment, or a credit problem, he can help you understand your legal rights and options for relief. He studied the nuances of various consumer laws and regulations relating to financial lending in order to provide clients with the comprehensive representation they deserve. Laws exist that establish extensive rights and remedies to protect consumers from unlawful debt collection practices and false credit reporting.


Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy vs. Debt Settlement, Business Debt, Business Loans, Merchant Cash Advance, Personal Guarantee, Consumer Rights, Credit Repair, Debt Settlement, Debt Lawsuits, Debt Relief Options, Student Loans


Address: 818 East 16th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11230
Phone: (347) 640-4357
Website: www.goldenbergfirm.com


“I cannot stress how amazing this firm was and very quickly at that. My matter was resolved literally in less than 2 weeks, what a load off my back and Samantha was super super helpful, polite and made me feel so comfortable. She informed me every step of the way and kept me up to speed. Stephen Basedow as well was very attentive and answered my emails right away. I would definitely hands down recommend this firm. Nothing but great staff and environment.” -Kathy Gonzalez

Starr & Starr, PLLC

Stephen Z. Starr - Starr & Starr, PLLC
Stephen Z. Starr – Starr & Starr, PLLC

Stephen Z. Starr has over 25 years of practice experience focused on corporate restructuring, commercial collections, insolvency, bankruptcy, out of court workouts and creditors’ rights matters. He has represented both debtors and creditors in major bankruptcy cases. Prior to founding Starr & Starr, PLLC, he was a senior associate in the Corporate Department of the New York office of the leading international law firm of Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP, where he practiced for five years. Before that he was associated with the prominent international law firm of Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP, where he was an associate in the New York office of the Bankruptcy and Creditors’ Rights Group for four years. Prior to returning to New York, Stephen practiced with two different regional bankruptcy and litigation boutiques in Los Angeles, California for five years.


Personal Bankruptcy, Business Bankruptcy, Commercial Collections, Commercial & Business Litigation


Address260 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016
Phone: (212) 867-8165
Website: www.starrandstarr.com


“Stephen and his team made what could have been a really stressful situation — filing bankruptcy — as seamless as possible. He was thorough, always available if I had a question and never steered me in the wrong direction. I knew I was in good hands the whole time. He cares about his clients, and that meant a lot.” -Mark M.

Mishiyeva Law

Kamilla Mishiyeva - Mishiyeva Law
Kamilla Mishiyeva – Mishiyeva Law

Kamilla Mishiyeva, founder of Mishiyeva Law, PLLC., contributes more to your bankruptcy case than just expertise in the field. She adds care, compassion, and guidance. Her vast experience in the discipline is the prerequisite to bringing you one step closer to a happier, less stressful life.

Whether you are considering filing for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, you are giving yourself the opportunity for closure when you hire the Mishiyeva Law Firm.


Individual Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Business Bankruptcy


Address: 80 Wall St, New York, NY 10005
Phone: (646) 736-6328
Website: www.kmbankruptcylawyerny.com


“I discovered Kamilla Mishiyeva on the Internet and made contact on her website. She responded promptly to my questions and my parents and I met with her the next day. She answered all of our questions without hesitation. We were impressed with her professionalism, transparency, and intelligence. These qualities were apparent for our very first meeting and were influential in my family’s decision to hire her over other lawyers.” -Michael P

Charles Juntikka & Associates, LLP

Charles W. Juntikka - Charles Juntikka & Associates, LLP
Charles W. Juntikka – Charles Juntikka & Associates, LLP

Charles W. Juntikka – Since 1984, Mr. Juntikka has been limited to New York City personal bankruptcy law and class actions related to consumer credit transactions. In 2010, Mr. Juntikka’s firm ranked 31st in the nation for the number of bankruptcies filed. For the past twenty years, Mr. Juntikka’s firm has filed the most personal bankruptcies annually in New York City and New Jersey – over 20,000.

As a consequence of Mr. Juntikka’s firm’s experience in personal bankruptcy and consumer credit transactions, Mr. Juntikka has been called upon by the media, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, NBC, CBS, CNN and many other news outlets, to be a source on related issues.


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Dischargeable Debts, Credit Card Debt, Medical Bills, Bankruptcy Exemptions


Address30 Vesey St #100, New York, NY 10007
Phone: (212) 315-3755
Website: www.cjalaw.com


“Took a family member here and Charles Juntikka was excellent. Let him know he didn’t need to feel embarrassed and/or like a failure. People make mistakes all the time and it was up to him to fix this and not make the same mistakes. Such a burden was lifted off his shoulders and he was given a fresh start. It has been 18 months and he is now able to lease a car. I highly recommend this firm.” -Maryann McKenna