5 Best Audiologists in Jacksonville 🥇

5 Best Audiologists in Jacksonville

Below is a list of the top and leading Audiologists in Jacksonville. To help you find the best Audiologists located near you in Jacksonville, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Jacksonville’s Best Audiologists:

The top-rated Audiologists in Jacksonville are:

  • Jax Audiology and Hearing Aid Center – your trusted source for hearing healthcare in Jacksonville.
  • Staverman Hearing Centers – your hearing aid experts in Jacksonville.
  • HearingLife – committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for their customers.
  • ENT Specialists of North Florida – Jacksonville Florida’s premier ENT specialists.
  • Jacksonville Speech & Hearing Center – one of the first speech and hearing centers to serve children in Northeast Florida.

Jax Audiology and Hearing Aid Center

5 Best Audiologists in Jacksonville

Jax Audiology and Hearing Aid Center is a trusted source for audiology and hearing healthcare in Jacksonville. When it comes to hearing healthcare people should not take anything lightly given that hearing is one of the most important senses we have as people. If you have health issues concerning your hearing, you need a reliable and trustworthy health provider. That is where Leslie Newmeyer comes in; She has been working hard nonstop for the past five years providing Jacksonville residents some of the best hearing healthcare. Dr. Newmeyer and her team of audiology experts know perfectly that hearing is a vital sense and that maintaining optimal healthcare for it is highly important for everyday life. If you are looking for the best clinic for your audiology needs, set an appointment with Jax Audiology today.

Audiology, hearing loss, hearing aids

Address: 150 Warren Cir #5a, Jacksonville, FL 32259
Phone: (904) 342-5217
Website: jaxaudiology.com

Dr. Newmeyer is simply outstanding. Not only is she professional in her approach to treating patients but she is so kind and accommodating. The best in her field. – William Hillard

Staverman Hearing Centers

The Best Audiologists in Jacksonville

Staverman Hearing Centers provides some of the premier hearing aid services in Jacksonville. The clinic understands that hearing is one of the most important senses for people and that it greatly impacts everyday life. With this in mind, Staverman Hearing Centers specializes in restoring hearing for patients and return the quality of life they deserve. This is done by doing a comprehensive screening test for patients and their hearing. With the data collected, Staverman audiologists draw up an individualized plan for each patient and provide them with the right hearing aid care they need. If you are in need of audiology healthcare, Staverman Hearing Centers also offer a complimentary hearing screening.

Hearing testing, hearing aid fitting, hearing aid repair, hearing protection, tinnitus management

Address: 12276 San Jose Blvd Suite 710 Jacksonville, FL 32223
Phone: (904) 685-1394
Website: stavermanhearingcenters.com

I have been using Staverman Hearing Centers for almost 3 years. I have found Dr. Staverman to be very thorough during my appointment. I feel comfortable with her and feel that she will continue to help improve my hearing. – Ben Salter


Best Audiologists in Jacksonville

HearingLife‘s team is committed to providing unparalleled hearing healthcare in Florida. By being patient-centric and placing each patient’s individual needs first, HearingLife’s audiology specialists can come up with a unique and individualized treatment plan for each patient. HearingLife knows that each patient deserves an affordable and individualized solution to support their hearing impairments so that they can provide the quality of life a patient deserves. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy healthcare partner for your hearing needs, set an appointment with HearingLife today.

Online hearing test, hearing aids, risk-free hearing aid trial

Address: 2051 Art Museum Dr., Suite 130 Jacksonville, FL32207
Phone: (904) 456-8166
Website: hearinglife.com

Dr. Meagan Frank is awesome. Very personable, very good at her work. Explains everything through the whole process. My hearing aids are ordered. They will be here in about a week. I’m so happy. I can’t thank her enough. – Marcy Mooney

ENT Specialists of North Florida

Jacksonville Best Audiologists

ENT Specialists of North Florida specializes in ENT services for adults and children. The clinic has locations in Jacksonville to better provide some of the best audiology services in Jacksonville: Riverside, Southside, Beaches, and Mandarin. ENT Specialists of North Florida also accepts most insurance plans making them a prime destination for people looking for audiology solutions for themselves or their loved ones. Services ENTSNF offers to include but is not limited to ears and hearing, nose and sinus, throat and voice, and pediatrics. Looking for the best ENT and audiology healthcare solutions? Call ENT Specialists of North Florida today to set up an appointment.

Ears and hearing, nose and sinus, throat and voice, head and neck, pediatrics

Address: 11705 San Jose Blvd Suite 103 Jacksonville, FL 32223
Phone: (904) 880-0911
Website: entspecialistsnorthflorida.com

The best office staff, kind, courteous, and welcoming! Dr. Roy and Dr. Matt were AMAZING. One of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Love this place and words cannot even express how amazing these folks are! – Naomi Sepulveda

Jacksonville Speech & Hearing Center

Jacksonville's Best Audiologists

Jacksonville Speech & Hearing Center provides audiology and hearing services to Jax residents. The clinic is known for its family-centric approach to its healthcare services so that family members can become part of the healthcare team. Jacksonville Speech and Hearing Center not only provide some of the best audiology and hearing services, but they also equip family members of their patients with the tools and resources so that they can be capable of assisting the patient even at home. If you’re looking for a reliable and recognized audiology healthcare provider, Jacksonville Speech and Hearing Center is just a phone call away.

Hearing/audiology, speech, and language, community outreach services

Address: 1010 N Davis St Ste 101 Jacksonville, Florida 32209
Phone: (904)-355-3403
Website: shcjax.org

The people at Jax Speech and hearing were extremely polite and helpful. Dr. Mattson was helpful and explained everything she was going to do and offered info on what had occurred. I have to thank my family doctor for referring me. – Dore Windham