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Athena Security’s Temperature Detection iPad App is Helping to Fight COVID

The latest advancement by Athena Security in computer vision and object detection technology was initially designed to be sold to businesses as a way to detect concealed weapons.

With gun violence being such a devastating issue in the United States, Athena’s technology would help give early warning if someone entered a building with a concealed gun – a situation where every moment counts when it comes to saving lives.

However, with the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world, Athena saw that it could use sensitive thermal imaging cameras with their existing technology to provide skin temperature readings. By doing this, Athena’s tech could be used to save even more lives when implemented as a means of checking someone’s body temperature when they enter a building.

The result was a contact-free temperature screening solution that’s able to screen up to 2000 single-file visitors every hour, detecting who has fever symptoms, allowing them to be isolated for further COVID testing. The bonus is that the technology does not collect any personal data or rely on any face recognition.

This technology has now been made available on Apple iPad tablets.

President of Athena Security Michael Green explains that: “This product is faster and almost half the cost of the old system. Whereas the old system required a Windows computer and desktop screen to function, the iOS application has fewer components since all that’s needed is an iPad connected to a thermal camera.”

While the original purpose of Athena’s technology was to fight against gun violence, the firm has been able to quickly pivot their product to combat a more sinister and immediate threat – coronavirus. There’s no doubt that their weapon detection technology will be impactful in the near to distant future, but right now people will be grateful that they can use a modified version with minimal investment to help stop the spread of COVID.

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