5 Best Art Galleries in San Antonio, TX

5 Best Art Galleries in San Antonio, TX

Below is a list of the top and leading Art Galleries in San Antonio, TX. To help you find the best Art Galleries located near you in San Antonio, TX, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

San Antonio, TX’s Best Art Galleries:

The top-rated Art Galleries in San Antonio, TX are:

  • San Antonio Museum of Art – explore 5,000 years of art, people, and culture.
  • Blue Star Contemporary – a non-profit contemporary art institution located in San Antonio.
  • Artpace San Antonio – a non-profit residency program that supports regional, national, and international artists in the creation of new art.
  • Briscoe Western Art Museum – modern museum housing art & artifacts reflecting the history & culture of the American West.
  • San Antonio Art League and Museum –arts organization in San Antonio and home to a Permanent Collection of works by notable Texas artists.

San Antonio Museum of Art

5 Best Art Galleries in San Antonio, TX

The San Antonio Museum of Art is the premier place if you are looking to experience art in San Antonio. The museum has over 5,000 years of history and art from all around the globe. The San Antonio Museum of Art is widely known not just in Texas but across the United States for having a heavily detailed inventory of Egyptian, Greek, and Roman art pieces. The museum also has various wings that house galleries and works from Asian art, to Latin American Art, and other regional and international art. They also hold regular exhibitions from various artists both local and foreign where they showcase their excellent works for Texans to experience.

Art gallery, exhibits, memberships, events, museum shop

Address: 200 West Jones Avenue San Antonio, TX 78215
Phone: (210) 978-8100
Website: samuseum.org

It was an interesting trip. The works were cool. And it a good way to kill some time. Definitely coming back. The gift shop doesn’t really have anything cool. – Ivon Gonzalez

Blue Star Contemporary

The Best Art Galleries in San Antonio, TX

Blue Star Contemporary is the oldest and most tenured non-profit art venue since it opened over 30 years ago. This art gallery and exhibit venue serve as the venue for 15 art exhibitions each year, as well as an after-school art program for the youth. Blue Star Contemporary also became a WAGE-certified art organization which is a first for the San Antonio art scene. BSC’s mission is to help San Antonio become more creative and inspired so they can express themselves more through the arts and produce more local artists. They host over 30,000 visitors each year, making them one of the most popular art destinations in Texas.

Art exhibits, education, museum store, events

Address: 116 Blue Star San Antonio TX, 78204
Phone: (210) 227-6960
Website: bluestarcontemporary.org

Deep, profound artwork, that speaks volumes and makes you feel a variety of emotions. Loved the little bit of information about each piece, along with the artist bios in the guidebook. – Kristen Nelson

Artpace San Antonio

Best Art Galleries in San Antonio, TX

Artpace San Antonio is a haven for artists across the world and provides them with a variety of services and programs. As one of the main proponents for artistic expression in San Antonio, Artpace helps local artists learn and be exposed to the international art scene so they can experience them and make them more inspired and motivated. Artpace’s services include a residence for international artists, curatorial residency, Texas open call, and more. They also host art events and galleries regularly, as well as educational programs for aspiring artists in San Antonio.

Art gallery, residencies and exhibitions, events, education

Address: 445 North Main Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78205
Phone: (210) 212-4900
Website: artpace.org

Great opening reception for Raul Gonzalez & Daniel Rios Rodriguez. Thanks to Künstler Brewing for the beer and wine. You definitely should check out Artpace when you get a chance. They have a great history of resident artists and a fabulous view from their rooftop. – Bernard Traphan

Briscoe Western Art Museum

San Antonio, TX Best Art Galleries

Briscoe Western Art Museum‘s mission is to educate and inspire San Antonio residents about art through a myriad of activities and events. These events and education programs help foster a sense of inspiration and creativity that will fuel the artists of tomorrow the drive to start. The Briscoe Western Art Museum has a calendar chock-full of events like Locals Day, Sips and Sounds of the West, alongside educational and artistic programs like the Briscoe Book Club and Briscoe Film Series. They host art galleries from both local and international artists so that the San Antonio community can grow in a positive light.

Art exhibits, museum store, tours, exhibitions

Address: 210 W. Market Street San Antonio, TX 78205
Phone: (210) 299-4499
Website: briscoemuseum.org

Well laid out museum with beautiful paintings and artifacts from the American West. Very enjoyable to visit, especially during the heat of the day. – Tom Lambrecht

San Antonio Art League and Museum

San Antonio, TX's Best Art Galleries

San Antonio Art League and Museum is one of the oldest and most respected art museums in Texas. Opened in 2012, this art museum and gallery house a variety of art exhibit from artists both local and foreign. The San Antonio Art League and Museum also showcases a comprehensive Permanent Collection that serves as San Antonio’s time capsule for their culture from past to present. They offer exhibitions, memberships, and make sure to drop by their museum store where you can get amazing souvenirs. If you are in San Antonio and want to experience the city’s culture and history through artistic masterpieces, the San Antonio Art League and Museum is the best place to start your journey through the arts in Texas.

Art exhibit, the Davis Collection

Address: 130 King William St. San Antonio, TX 78204
Phone: (210) 223-1140
Website: saalm.org

The sculpture tucked throughout the grounds prepares the visitor for an enchanting and inviting experience to this Art Museum, located in the beautiful historic King William neighborhood. 91st Juried Artists Exhibition, within walls of this 2-story converted home, captured the eye with a variety of exceptional art. – Nicky Palmer