5 Best Art Classes in San Diego🥇

5 Best Art Classes in San Diego

Below is a list of the top and leading Art Classes in San Diego. To help you find the best Art Classes located near you in San Diego, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

San Diego’s Best Art Classes:

The top rated Art Classes in San Diego are:

  • LeoAngelo Art – is an effective visual communicator
  • Little Artists – believes that art is a learned skill similar to music or dance
  • ArtHaus 5 – is composed of moms, dads, business professionals, and artists alike
  • Bravo School of Art – helps enthusiastic makers learn new skills
  • Prima Materia Art Institute – helps you develop your skills to the professional level

LeoAngelo ArtLeoAngelo Art

LeoAngelo Art, Leo of LeoAngelo Art is an effective visual communicator who likes to play with narrative themes and he often delves into the realm of mythology. As a painter, he tends to use elusive themes of mythology to aid in conveying more complicated concepts and visual metaphors. To him, mythology is not a tool in which to escape, in actuality it is a way that allows a lasting and powerful exchange with the world and everything in it.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Arts from San Diego State University with a focus on painting and illustration. He has strong traditional fine arts skills with some photoshop know-how and he uses a range of wet and dry media such as gouache, charcoal, oil, ink, and pastels to name a few.


Art Works, Art Lessons, Paint Party


Address: 8575 New Salem St, San Diego, CA 92126
Phone: (858) 243-5461
Website: www.leoangeloart.com


“I have been taking Leo’s class for over half of a year for now. Leo is very good at catering to the emphasis of the class and integrating his own experiences behind the techniques of drawing and painting. The latent communications provide very rich materials for the experimenting/exploration and hard techniques, and I have been progressing at a steady and decent pace. I plan to take his class for the long term foreseeable future, and his class is a good force to combat the existential angst of everyday life.” – Lunjia H.

Little ArtistsLittle Artists

Little Artists believes that art is a learned skill similar to music or dance. Anyone with the yearning to learn drawing and painting can excel in art. It needs practice and patience, but the rewards are outstanding. With each completed piece of art, their students take pride in their accomplishments and the new skills and techniques achieved.

These skills urge them and help them to build their self-confidence in their art education as well as other academic studies. They strive to give children the tips and tools they need to create beautiful artwork they will enjoy for a lifetime. Their fun and very effective online classes will continue and they have added a ton more class options as well.


Drawing & Painting Classes, Online Classes, In-Studio Classes


Address: 4037 Governor Dr, San Diego, CA 92122
Phone: (858) 268-2255
Website: www.mylittleartists.com


“Mister Steve and the Team of Instructors are the essences of kindness, compassion, and excellence in action. “Patience is a virtue”, and as a parent, one will value this quality the Team displays as they govern and guide your Lil’ artists along the path of creative adventure.” – Craig M.

ArtHaus 5ArtHaus 5

ArtHaus 5 is composed of moms, dads, business professionals, and artists alike. They take dignity in upbringing a culture of learning and innovative processes in an environment that is encouraging as well as instructive regarding the fundamental principles of art. Their team of artists/teachers thinks that art helps them visualize the world around them and allows them to observe with heightened levels of perception of their surroundings and environment.

Observations include both physical and metaphysical in an attempt to document a present moment in time for future periods and generations to come. Art excites and exudes emotion. They believe that art knows no boundaries of age, race, religion, gender, or ethnicity.


Classes, Camps, Events & Workshops


Address: 10710 Thornmint Rd UNIT 201, San Diego, CA 92127
Phone: (858) 333-5172
Website: www.arthaus5.com


“My nephew goes to ArtHaus5, a Very nice place to get your kids to learn fundamentals and alose be creative with Art. Teachers and Staff are very friendly and patient with kids. Love the environment. My nephew enjoys learning art ArtHaus5 and our family enjoyed seeing his artwork been displayed at the showcase they host for the students.” – Alireza T.

Bravo School of ArtBravo School of Art

Bravo School of Art helps enthusiastic makers learn new skills and explore all features of making art, from theory to technique or just for fun. Students are encouraged to color outside the box. No past art training is required and pre-registration is necessary. With a precise means in mind or if you’d like to just test the waters of the wonderful world of creativity, Bravo School of Art is a perfect match for you.

Bravo School of Art was established in 2009 by pals, artists, and educators Nancy Isbell and Lauren Becker Downey. Over 50 special art classes are offered in just about every visual arts field, taught by experienced and friendly artist instructors who are keen to share their skills with you. They are proud to provide arts education for all ages and artistic levels, from the first-time beginner to intermediate. They enthusiastically teach most aspects of art, craft, and decorative art, from theory to techniques, to proper application, to just for fun.


Children, Education, Creative Growth, Design, Mixed Media, Book Arts, Fine Art, Fiber/Textile, Photography, Decorative Art, Metals/Jewelry, Holiday, Business, Custom


Address: 2963 Beech St, San Diego, CA 92102
Phone: (619) 223-0058
Website: www.bravoschoolofart.com


“Lauren Becker Downey is a wonderful teacher and artist. I highly recommend Bravo School of Art – such diversity in class offerings for all artists. She has created a creative space that helps students express their ideas, build new skills, and develop their artistic voice. One day I want to come over and take her indigo dyeing class – it looks so awesome.” – Courtney C.A

Prima Materia Art InstitutePrima Materia Art Institute

Prima Materia Art Institute knows that you’ve been feeling that there is so much to learn and so little time. They understand that you want to know what will happen next and where your art will take you. You appreciate painting or drawing, but you know that it can be so much more. Whether you are a total beginner or have artistic experience, you want to know if you’ve chosen the right path. They can help you develop your skills to the professional level.

At Prima Materia you will discover a community of artists with comparable goals and interests. You will be able to utilize art as a means to express your ideas, beautify your world, have a creative outlet, be an inspiration to your friends and family, be more liberal, someone who can solve problems in an extraordinary way, be able to deal with mistakes, foster your creativity, build your income and boost self-confidence. Their instructors will assist you every step of the way.


Art Classes, Online Art Classes, Art Supply List, Membership


Address: 3350 Sports Arena Blvd, San Diego, CA 92110
Phone: (802) 505-7624
Website: www.primamateriainstitute.com


“Prima Materia Institute is giving college level of education to the beginner and quickly advancing you to intermediate and advanced. They are kind, constructive and give you the tools to see reality and depict it. Each lesson teaches a new approach to art so you can develop your own voice and style. They teach art history through doing. To see what I have made since COVID alone, visit audrey_eisele_art on Instagram. Except for a couple of personal projects there, the rest were all taught in 2020.” – Audrey E.