5 Best Architects in Charlotte🥇

5 Best Architects in Charlotte

Below is a list of the top and leading Architects in Charlotte. To help you find the best Architects located near you in Charlotte, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Charlotte’s Best Architects:

The top rated Architects in Charlotte are:

  • BB & M Architecture – find joy in the journey and partnering with their clients
  • Cluck Design Collaborative – is a Charlotte-based architecture company born of a passion for beautiful design, simple, and efficient function
  • Pursley Dixon Architecture – is an architecture and interior design company specializing in customized residential work
  • BuenoBox Architecture – is an architectural design and visualization consultancy
  • Wittehaus – is a shop design-build firm providing custom design services for imaginative local and international clients

BB & M ArchitectureBB & M Architecture

BB & M Architecture finds joy in the journey and partnering with their clients. It’s not about them, it’s about the clients, and they have a goal that they want clients for life. Chill out, you don’t need to get a tattoo or anything. The passion their team brings to the table for their craft is evident in their work, which is how they have made a name for themselves but more importantly have made a name for their clients.

With every project, their full-service team creatively looks at every opportunity to turn heads whether you want to develop a stunning highrise or just want apartments full of rich mahogany. Their approach to design not only addresses their clients’ goals and site challenges but also the needs and desires of the ultimate end-user regardless of the type of project.


Housing, Office, Hospitality, Interiors, Institutional, Retail, Mixed-Use, Adaptive Reuse


Address: 1435 W Morehead St # 160, Charlotte, NC 28208
Phone: (704) 334-1716
Website: www.bbm-arch.com


“A one-stop-shop for all your architectural needs!” – Christopher R.

Cluck Design CollaborativeCluck Design Collaborative

Cluck Design Collaborative is a Charlotte-based architecture company born of a passion for beautiful design, simple, and efficient function. Architects Kevin Kennedy and Chris Scorsone establish Cluck Design Collaborative in 2005. Kevin and Chris each have in excess of 25 years’ architectural experience. Their joint portfolio includes design and architectural projects ranging from household fixtures to full-scale urban planning.

Their team personifies their process, smart, innovative, and totally badass. They look at your project from an absolutely different angle and send it, with carefully measured madness, through the Three Phases of Cluck. What comes out the other side is consistently, endlessly better. They are diverse. They are detail-focused. Their projects range in scale from towel racks to towers and everything in between.


Bank, Event Space, Food & Beverage, Office, Residential, Wellness


Address: 1530 Elizabeth Ave Suite 200, Charlotte, NC 28204
Phone: (704) 405-5980
Website: www.cluckdesign.com


“Had a chance to tackle some upfit projects in their multi-faceted and awesome studio. Have also seen a few of their residential projects around town, which are very modern upscale and creative.” – Justin Dean M.

Pursley Dixon ArchitecturePursley Dixon Architecture

Pursley Dixon Architecture is an architecture and interior design company specializing in customized residential work. Founded on the simple idea that beauty matters, their firm strives to thoughtfully create living spaces that are as beautiful and unique as the people who will occupy them. Ever aware of traditional building elements, the design team jointly views both modernism and classicism as a part of the broader language of architecture, while working to cultivate a fresh and forward approach to design.


Architecture & Interior Design


Address: 311 Atherton St, Charlotte, NC 28203
Phone: (704) 334-6500
Website: www.pursleydixon.com


“Sophisticated and bougie. Elite professionals with amazing talent.” – Angela P.

BuenoBox ArchitectureBuenoBox Architecture

BuenoBox Architecture is an architectural design and visualization consultancy. They generate 3D models, virtual reality development, photo-real renderings, real estate marketing, 360° photography tours, BIM tools, and construction coordination. They specialize in 3D virtual design for architecture and construction.

They strive to be the bridge between traditional architecture and forward-thinking technology. As a member of the Charlotte community, they give back through local volunteer organizations. They look forward to growing with this city.


Residential & Commercial


Address: 1837 Academy St, Charlotte, NC 28205
Phone: (704) 360-0026
Website: www.buenobox.com


“They’re very good, they really created for the design, I love it and I love this group!” – Q.T


Wittehaus is a shop design-build firm providing custom design services for imaginative local and international clients as well as offering innovative built homes ready for sale. Wittehaus delights itself in drawing inspirations from a vast worldwide landscape of contemporary design and strives to learn, innovate, and add to the canon of an enriching built environment.

They are affectionately focused on exploring the qualities and interplay of space, texture, light, and structure. And how these characteristics work to create habitable surroundings that provide a sense of beauty, richness, warmth, and depth. Toby Witte has a quarter-century of experience in the world of design and construction come to bear on his work. German by descent and upbringing, born in Peru, Toby has had the privilege to study architecture, building science, and drafting in Germany and in the USA.


Custom Design Services, Local & International


Address: 933 Louise Ave, Charlotte, NC 28204
Phone: (704) 488-6811
Website: www.witteha.us


“Toby makes some of the best modern homes in Charlotte. I purchased this home in 2020 and couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I was told by electricians that my house is a TANK and would stand for over a hundred years the way it was built. Feel free to read more about that on Tony’s website. The house is very well designed to maximize space. Toby has also been extremely responsive to my questions and replies usually within minutes to the hour. He has handled any minor concerns, even things out of his control and duty. These homes allow you to live “in the future”, and the future is now.” – Kush S.