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Apple subject of online mockery for $1000 display stand

Tech giant Apple has been the subject of online mockery following their announcement of a display stand that costs around $1000 USD. Most of the trolling took place on Twitter, with users roundly taking a swing at Apple for alienating middle- and lower-class consumers who probably don’t need all of the frivolous extra features.

The reveal took place during Apple’s keynote at the World Wide Developer’s Conference where their star product was the new Mac Pro. Apple is calling the new computer its “most powerful Mac ever”.

The high-end Mac Pro, estimated in a article by The Verge to cost around $33,720 USD, does not include the monitor display stand which is sold individually. This baffled many, including popular tech personality Marques Brownlee who made a Tweet suggesting a better strategy for Apple that might have avoided the backlash.

While many admit the stand is aesthetically pleasing and has some utility for graphic designers or other professionals who can take advantage of its ability to tilt to most angles, most still find the price to be unnecessarily high considering a regular computer stand can be bought online for less than $50.

Apple has already been mocked over the visual design of the new Mac, saying that it’s ventilation holes make it look like an oversized cheese grater.