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5 Best Antiques in Austin 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Antiques in Austin. To help you find the best Antiques located near you in Austin, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Austin’s Best Antiques:

The top-rated Antiques in Austin are:

  • Uncommon Objects – a quirky shop featuring an eclectic array of antiques, including jewelry, taxidermy, gadgets & toys.
  • Room Service Vintage – quirky shop with a rotating supply of vintage furniture, decor, jewelry & more from the 50s-70s.
  • Uptown Modern – refurbished European & American mid-century-modern furniture dealer that also sells jewelry.
  • Tipler’s Lamp Shop – lighting specialist offering antique pieces, fixtures, shades & chandeliers plus custom services.
  • Out of the Past Collectibles – quirky antiques shop stocking a trove of collectibles in a chock-full, utilitarian space.

Uncommon Objects

5 Best Antiques in Austin

Uncommon Objects is a one-of-a-kind emporium for some of the most unique, eccentric, and creative items you could ever find in Texas. Uncommon Objects has a group of 24 hardworking antique sellers that work under the same roof, providing Austin with some of the most interesting objects, from the more obscure to the down-right aesthetic. For almost thirty years, Uncommon Objects has grown from a quaint antique cooperative into one of the most interesting and unique emporiums in Texas. The emporium has also been identified as like an eccentric uncle’s attic but hopped up on steroids.

Weekly flea market, antiques.

Address: 1602 Fortview Rd, Austin, TX 78704
Phone: (512) 442-4000
Website: uncommonobjects.com

Awesome spot for odd stuff and antiques, we spent a couple of hours here and left with some one-of-a-kind pieces. This place is worthy of your time and money! –

Room Service Vintage

The Best Antiques in Austin

Room Service Vintage has been an iconic spot in Austin for vintage memorabilia and antiques. For three and a half decades, Room Service Vintage has been the steadfast pillar in the constantly-changing landscape in Austin’s North Loop Strip shopping district. If you are looking for a specific antique item, or if you want to go on an adventure and discover amazing vintage finds, you can drop by Room Service Vintage and embark on a quest to find that one special item. But keep in mind that items sell out fast, so know that time is of importance when shopping at Room Service.


Address: 117 N Loop Blvd E, Austin, TX 78751
Phone: (512) 451-1057
Website: roomservicevintage.com

Certainly one of my favorite destinations for retro pieces and unique decor in Austin. It’s a rarity that I leave without a great piece of wall art, pottery, or jewelry. The workers are friendly and attentive without stalking, and their prices are reasonable. Love this store! – Jordan Coslett

Uptown Modern

Best Antiques in Austin

Uptown Modern specializes in refurbished and restored furniture of Mid-Century and Danish Modern make. Most items that Uptown Modern carries are from the 1940s up to the 90s. The showroom’s system is to go look for the perfect item, restore and fix it, then highlight it in their showroom. Uptown Modern’s showroom is 6000 square feet big where they house most of their items. If you are looking for Danish and Mid-Century furniture, Uptown Modern is probably the first stop you need on your antique or furniture splurge.

Restored and refurbished Mid Century and Danish modern furniture.

Address: 5111 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78756
Phone: (512) 452-1200
Website: uptownmodernaustin.com

Gorgeous pieces–most refurbished, reupholstered. I don’t get it when reviewers say prices are steep. They are in line with other stores with well-curated pieces in great condition–only there is no place in Austin like Uptown Modern. One of a kind! – Donna Johnson

Tipler’s Lamp Shop

Austin Best Antiques

Tipler’s Lamp Shop is arguably the best place if you are looking for the top-tier lighting fixtures in Austin. This lamp shop upholds the highest standard when it comes to refurbishment and repair of wonderful antique lighting and lamps. Their staff has over six decades of combined experience and will provide only the best services with their reliable, timely, and efficient services. Most of their lamp repairs are done within a few days, and services like socket changes are done immediately as you wait. Besides lighting repairs and refurbishment, Tipler’s also specializes in custom and antique lighting where you can shop from their collection of modern and mid-century pieces.

Lamp repairs, socket changes, rewiring, custom fabrication, crystal cleaning, polishing and re-plating, light bulbs.

Address: 1204 W 5th St, Austin, TX 78703
Phone: (512) 472-5007
Website: tiplerslampshop.com

Tip is the best. This store is old Austin. Best lamp repair and shop in Austin. I revere shops that have been in Austin for 30+ years and this one has. They helped me with these three lamps. – Dana Roberson

Out of the Past Collectibles

Austin's Best Antiques

Out of the Past Collectibles specializes in collectibles like toys, furniture, movie and music paraphernalia, vinyl records, artwork, glassware, and more. Since it opened in 1991, Out of the Past Collectibles has been one of the go-to thrift stores in Austin, and people who have shopped there will attest that they have had some amazing finds. The store is also locally-owned and family-run and is open seven days of the week. If you are itching for a garage sale run, don’t. Drop by Out of the Past Collectibles in Burnet Road and see for yourself the wonders of the past brought to the present.

Antiques and collectibles

Address: 5341 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78756
Phone: (512) 371-3550
Website: facebook.com/OOTPATX

This store is a hidden treasure. It has everything for all your fancies. The best part is that it’s locally owned and the owners are a delight. I could spend hours in this place. Some of the coolest antiques and trinkets I’ve found in Austin. I definitely will be returning. – Sarah Morris