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Amit Gandhi discusses his digital marketing agency Dallas Target Marketing

Amit Gandhi runs Dallas Target Marketing – sitevisitormarketing.com, a digital marketing agency in Dallas, Texas that specializes in helping to tailor websites towards their target market. Amit helps to design and manage digital advertising campaigns alongside web design solutions that help to turn leads into reliable conversions.

Amit, how did you get involved in digital marketing?

As a Mortgage Planner, I got into digital marketing because I needed a way to grow my practice when traditional means of promotion started to lose its effectiveness for me. Over time my interest in digital marketing began to intrigue me to a level much more profound than what I had expected, which soon turned into a successful and full-time gig.

What is your first step when a new client signs with your firm?

The first step would be to understand the company mission and its vision to ensure we provide and generate the most effective marketing model. We explore this in the initial consultation and reassess this throughout the process. Also, we will review any existing plans implemented over the years, such as budget allocation towards marketing, types of channels leveraged to reach consumers (B2C) or/and businesses (B2B).

How do you work out which potential customers your clients should be targeting?

We start with the company and their website and analyze the data upfront visually as well as through our proprietary platform, which we have created in addition to use over 150+ accounts that allow us also to review your said competitors in the area. Why? Because it doesn’t matter how amazing you are as a dentist, or how amazing your coffee is if no one can find you. Traffic is one of the critical factors in a business’s success. By analyzing the data, we find out a few factors which have been considered to be life-saving for businesses at times through implementing what is called “ID Resolution,” which falls into the next question.

What is SiteVisitor Match & ID Resolution?

Regarding ID Resolution, let us say you have a website for your business. The business generates 2,000 unique visitors, but only 1% have requested to be contacted, 20 people in total. What if you could have captured all the prospects details to maximize your targeting and conversion ratios?

That’s an additional 1980 contacts each month x 12 months in a year, totals unnoticed traffic of 23,760 people that came to your site for a reason.

What if your website is for a pet grooming salon? Would it not be evident that almost each site visitor owns a pet? The last bit of this scenario. This pet grooming salon generally farms 15,000 homes in the area with advertisements where is the business is located, with very poor gamble like results due to high promotion costs of $6,000-8,000 per month!

However, now with SVM ID Resolution, you can capture the visitor’s information with what I call the “toll tag” method. The data of the visitor is sent explicitly via a mailer or coupon to say hello! We are in the neighbourhood, and the only market to pet owners, which would make a solid 500 mailers vs. 15,000 so much cost-effective and you would save thousands each month.

You see what I do here is to make a better value of your marketing dollars. There are too many who claim to be “marketing gurus,” only to charge an arm and a leg and who then disappear.

What marketer has shown you a way to allocate your funds wisely? Besides myself.

How important is it for a company to be active on Facebook?

Ultimately, it seems all of us may already have the answer to that question. In return, I may have to ask you what the best CRM tool is? SalesForce? Insightly? Zoho? HubSpot? Maybe all of them.

Please take a moment to think about it. You have 1,500+ connections right now who know you and are open to chatting!

I’ve trialed and ran through nearly 40 different CRM’s and I am not saying they are terrible – they may be what you need, but you only have one way, and that is to find out yourself.

To answer your question, YES. Facebook needs to be on the top of your mind if you’re a professional salesperson or business owner – every day. It is no longer a networking site and if used correctly, you can to generate income, leads, prospects, impressions, awareness, and retarget resulting in positive campaigns with look-a-like audiences to capture more leads to scale your business to the next level.

It wasn’t until my days interning at an advisory firm that I realized that Facebook allows you to create your channels and post in a manner where you are “story-selling” what you have to offer and never having to worry if your email drips are being read.

What separates your agency from other digital marketing firms?

In recent years, I’ve spent thousands of hours learning the digital marketing game, which is something I consider to be excessive, right? Even then it still wasn’t enough, from coaching, mentorship, training groups, and one on one course to understand the ins and outs and the unspoken digital world. The confidence of what I have to offer my clients is the peace of mind because of my clients’ ability to reach their business goals is a direct reflection of my success and transparency, and accurate timelines are critical since the value of time for a business owner is priceless.

Would I do it again? Heck yes! these past few years have been such an exciting journey to where I am always waiting to test the latest and greatest.