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Top 5 AI Crypto Prediction Services Right Now

The world of cryptocurrency is currently the most popular and overwhelmingly exciting way to invest money in the post-pandemic world. Not only is it a signifier for the future, but it is also a meaningful and efficient way to make some money with the right investments. Stock markets are quite old school and have a high tolerance for new investors, but with crypto, anything seems to be possible.

This leads us to today’s article, with cryptocurrencies being such a new technology in and of itself, the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning has seen some tremendous and exponential growth in its intuitiveness and applicability in investments and trading.

AI has become an ace in the hole for pundits looking at the market shares and wishing there was a better way to understand and analyze the market. Artificial Intelligence driven programs have allowed the savvier investors to have a leg up on the competition and today we’re going to count down 5 of the best.

Top 5 AI Crypto Prediction Services Right Now

#1 Crypticorn

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Crypticorn is a program that you need to have as soon as possible. Not only does it encompass some of the most intelligent AI on the market right now, but it’s also free for a limited time. The program has an intuitive and simple to understand interface.

Integrating all the variables that other programs don’t (averages, RSI, etc.) this program should be on any savvy investors’ desktop.

#2 Unicsoft


Unicsoft is one of those programs that is straightforward and easy to operate. It is very to the point and is a consulting partner that carries AI powered algorithmic analysis of the crypto market as being one of their afforded services.

#3 NewsCrypto

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NewsCrypto is an all-encompassing program that covers the whole gamut of the crypto world. From insights, to news, to analyses and educational tools and indicators. There are a number of traders that swear by it, and for good reason.

While it doesn’t have all the depth in the world, the all-in-one dynamic is hard to look past for those who are just breaking into the crypto world and are looking for a Swiss army knife tool to help.

#4 CryptoHawk

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CryptoHawk is one of the more intuitive platforms that have come out recently in the insights space. Tapping into the mobile market with a more mobile-friendly platform that gives users on the go a little more control over their insights.

It uses a state-of-the-art leveraging component to account for volatility in the market and provides some of the more interesting examples of price prediction.

#5 Crypto Predictions

Predictions for crypto right now

While not the most innovative platforms on the market, the insights you gain from Crypto Predictions are not to be taken lightly or without merit. The other entrants on this list have a lot more pizzaz and effort put into the front end which makes Crypto Predictions comparatively wary.

There are worse ways to garner insights however, especially if you’re on a desktop and looking for a quick look.