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Ageless Martial Arts in Las Vegas

Everybody was kung fu fighting: Ageless Martial Arts in Las Vegas

Ageless Martial Arts is a martial arts school in Las Vegas which offers the traditional art of Shotokan Karate to its students. Martial arts have always been popular, but they have definitely seen a surge in popularity since the inception of popular media such as movies and sports like UFC. This media has inspired more and more popular to take up martial arts. Ageless Martial Arts offers a number of different programs to its students. Some of these include adult, teens and kids Karate.

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These classes focus on technique especially, in order to hone the skills of students as well as introducing new skills for beginners. Furthermore, the programs have a good focus on fitness, and even offer a fitness kickboxing course which will be sure to get in you into shape! There are many other niche programs including a kid’s fun summer camp which is sure to be appealing to your kids (and take some trouble off your hands!) as well as catering to kids birthday parties. Ageless Martial Arts seems to have it all when it comes to programs, and you are sure to find one that suits you well.

Lorenzo Sandoval
Lorenzo Sandoval

The center is run by Sensei Lorenzo Sandoval, a martial artist who has been training in Karate for over 20 years now. He received training from some of the top martial arts instructors across the world and used this training to open up Ageless Martial Arts to teach others about the beauty of Karate. He is definitely an instructor with a lot of knowledge on the subject of martial arts, and a lot of passion in which to learn from.

Ageless Karate in Las Vegas

Ageless Martial Arts even offers a black belt program, in which students will progress through to become a black belt. This is a graded system, in which students wear belts of certain colors to signify their rank. This is quite common throughout many Karate schools, and Ageless Martial Arts is constantly updating their curriculum to ensure that the best training is being given for students to progress towards a black belt.

Ageless Martial Arts is an all rounded good martial arts school with many programs that fits well with adults, teens and kids.

It is definitely worth a look into if you are in the Las Vegas area and interested in martial arts.

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