5 Best Accountants in Houston 🥇

5 Best Accountants in Houston

Below is a list of the top and leading Accountants in Houston. To help you find the best Accountants located near you in Houston, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Houston’s Best Accountants: 

The top rated Accountants in Houston are:

  • Heights Financial Services – offers accounting and financial services to small businesses
  • Cooper CPA Group – assists clients with their tax and accounting needs for more than 20 years
  • Mike C. Manoloff, CPA – provides high-end accountings serves that deliver efficiency and consistency
  • The Allen CPA Firm, PLLC – commits to the long-term financial success of its clients
  • Dao CPA, P.C. – a full-service accounting firm serving small to medium-sized businesses

Heights Financial Services

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Heights Financial Services offers accounting and financial services to small businesses. They utilize the latest technology to become more efficient to their clients. Furthermore, they have wide range o resources and expert professionals working. They also commit to providing the highest form o professionalism during the whole partnership. Their services are offered at the most affordable rates. Moreover, their services include income tax preparation and bookkeeping for estates, LLCs, and individuals. They also explain the technicalities in the most comprehensive and easiest way possible.

Products/ Services:



Address: 2050 N Loop W Fwy Suite 115, Houston, TX 77018
Phone: (713)-868-8093
Website: heightsfinancialservices.com/home.html


”I contacted this office years ago from a random Google search regarding amending my taxes, in which another company was handling. He was extremely patient and took his time to explain the rights and wrongs of the tax preparer I’d hired. I look forward to meeting this team in person for the next tax season.” – S Youngb

Cooper CPA Group 

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Cooper CPA Group assists clients with their tax and accounting needs for more than 20 years. They have professional accountants and staff that listen and understand the financial framework. Furthermore, they add a touch of personal service and expertise to their services. They offer innovative solutions for executives, business owners, and professionals individuals. Moreover, they have exceptional knowledge in QuickBooks consulting. They also minimize tax liability with their tax preparation and planning, Their staff also has the skills to facilitate strategic planning and accounting analysis.

Products/ Services:

accountants, tax preparation


Address: 1703 W 12th St, Houston, TX 77008
Phone: (713)-243-8590
Website: coopercpagroup.com


”The company was very attentive to all details from initial contact to post consultation. Overall the knowledge on tax laws is significantly above average. Highly recommended.” – Victor PPN

Mike C. Manoloff, CPA

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Mike C. Manoloff, CPA provides high-end accountings serves that deliver efficiency and consistency. They offer strategic solutions to various Houston businesses. Moreover, they have been in the accounting industry since 199. This gained them resources and experiences helpful in crafting future solutions. Furthermore, they assist clients to acquire a running business, grow the company, and open a new venture. Their services include accounting, bookkeeping, and business consulting. They also have professionals facilitating tax planning and preparation.

Products/ Services:

accountant, bookkeeping, tax preparation, business consulting


Address:  6600 Sands Point Dr #100, Houston, TX 77074
Phone: (713)-774-7766
Website: houston-tax-cpa.com


“Very professional, transparent about cost, great customer service, trustworthy, and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend. Service preformed was year end clean-up. Also have used Mr. James in previous Quick Book training. I appreciate they asked me to send my questions ahead of time and books so they were prepared when I got there.” – Michelle Connaway

The Allen CPA Firm, PLLC 

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The Allen CPA Firm, PLLC commits to the long-term financial success of their clients. They have ax experts and accountants delivering high-quality solutions. Furthermore, they empower and support small businesses for their financial ambitions. They are responsive and knowledgeable om the matters of business and accounting. Moreover, their services include progressive accounting, tax preparation, and business consulting. They also provide internal control assessments to safeguard the company’s resources. There are also financial planning services or businesses n individuals.

Products/ Services:

accountants, bookkeeping, business consulting, financial planning


Address: 800 Town and Country Blvd Suite 300, Houston, TX 77024
Phone: (713)-489-7575
Website: theallencpafirm.com


”Robert and the rest of the team at The Allen CPA Firm are top notch! They have great attention to detail and are very punctual (which is key when it comes to taxes!) I have worked with them for several years for business and personal taxes and will continue to do so.” – Spencer Starkey

Dao CPA, P.C. 

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Dao CPA, P.C. is a full-service accounting firm serving small to medium-sized businesses. They guide businesses to sustain profitability and protect their resources. Their staff and accountants assure clients that their reports and files are handled accurately. Furthermore, they offer practical solutions to a wide range of accounting matters. The company offers an extension to the company accounting department. The services include bookkeeping, payroll, and accounting. They also prepare tax reposts in a timely manner. Moreover, they have specialized services like DCAA compliance and job cost reporting.

Products/ Services:

accountants, bookkeeping, business consultation


Address: 12 Greenway Plaza #1100, Houston, TX 77046
Phone:  (713)-661-1501
Website: daocpa.com


”We have been very happy working with Dao CPA PC! Tu and her excellent staff have really helped us keep our books in proper order and assist us with any accounting needs that we have had over the years. Tu and her staff are very responsive, reliable and efficient which has allowed us to focus more on our core business. I highly recommend Dao CPA, P.C.” – Josh Zulu