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21 tornadoes recorded across 4 states

Severe storms are sweeping and flooding parts of the central US. UU on Tuesday, even in Oklahoma, where a tornado seemed to make landfall near the Tulsa International Airport early in the morning.

At least 21 tornadoes were reported in parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas from early Monday morning through Tuesday morning, the National Weather Service said, and there may be more, especially in parts of Missouri and Arkansas.

No serious damage was reported immediately near the Tulsa airport, where a tornado was reported shortly after 6:30 am local time on Tuesday. But radar indicated that a tornado was sending debris into the air, said CNN meteorologist Chad Myers.

“That trash and debris moving toward the airport, Myers said.

This Tuesday may have difficult weather conditions in the central plains, Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas and parts of Texas and Louisiana.

The main threats are damaging winds and hail, but there may be more tornadoes, especially in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas.

Water Rescue in Oklahoma

The storms on Monday and Tuesday caused severe flooding in parts of Oklahoma, and more floods are expected in the eastern states.

Flash flood emergencies were declared Monday night and Tuesday morning in the Tulsa area, where more than 15.2 centimetres of rain fell in some places this week.

The National Meteorological Service of Tulsa urged people in those areas to move to higher ground as more rain is expected.

“We are seeing reports of floods and water rescues in (northeast) Oklahoma,” state emergency management spokeswoman Keli Cain told CNN on Tuesday morning.

Multiple Oklahoma highways are closed due to high tide or storm debris. Authorities warned drivers to stay clear of the roads before additional floods occur during the night.

Roads in the city of Ponca, in northern Oklahoma, have become rivers, with the local government urging drivers to stay clear of the water.

The county emergency manager reported that the city’s flood waters had begun to enter the buildings, CNN affiliate KTUL reported. Several roads are also closed.

In Mangum, near the Texas state border, city officials said a tornado hit a house and tore off the roof of a two-story apartment building, according to CNN affiliate KOCO.

The Police Department asked residents to “not go out and drive.

“In addition to emergency equipment trying to fix power lines and other damage caused by the tornado,” the department said, “roads are now flooded due to heavy rain.”

“In trying to verify the weather , you’re only putting yourself and the response teams at greater risk.”

The Stillwater Public Schools, in northern Oklahoma, announced that schools in the district will be closed on Tuesday “due to excessive flooding.”

More floods in the plains and the Midwest

Because storms have repeatedly hit the same areas recently, a serious threat of flooding has developed in the plains and the Midwestern United States.

About 17 million people were on flood alert or flash flood early Tuesday, including in Oklahoma City and Tulsa; Wichita, Kansas; and Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri.

Severe floods are expected in the rivers, even along the swollen Mississippi River, in the centre of the United States, as another 2 to 12.7 centimetres of rain is expected to fall on the region in the coming days.